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Mata: Man City are no Barcelona

Chelsea winger Juan Mata insists Manchester City are far from the level of Barcelona and that his side hold no fear for them ahead of Monday's clash.

The two English giants clash at Stamford Bridge on Monday still recovering from their respective Champions League matches in midweek.

The Blues will draw confidence from reaching the knock-out round of the competition while City look to regain their five point lead at the top of the Barclays Premier League standings.

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Nes_Daze3852d ago

That's a huge compliment to Barca, and true in that sense. Should be an interesting match.

Corepred43852d ago

Mata is a retard. They may not be Barca but Chelsea are no Man City.

Anderson83852d ago

true.. they're a better club than city

Corepred43852d ago

I'd STILL take City over Chelsea. =)

buddymagoo3852d ago

Mata was proved correct. 2-1 Chelsea, you should know better than to under estimate a good team like Chelsea.

DavidLuiz43852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

I'd Take Barcelona over any time as if there club and academy 100000 times better than real madrid ; )

BTW 3-1

Corepred43852d ago

LOl is that 3-1 supposed to be insulting or 'rubbing it in'?! yeah we lost, and? so? lmao what a lame

DavidLuiz43851d ago

No Lol , I'm Just Letting You Know Why I'd Take Barcelona based on there youth academy and team chemistry , they read each other mind unlike real Madrid spending more and more players they usually buy one solid player or get one from there academy and yet still the best ;)

kulka3852d ago

No where near Barca yet they have no Messi Xavi or iniesta

dcortz20273852d ago

There is only one Barcelona. Manchester City has a great squad, but they are nowhere near as good as Barca yet, no team is.

Why o why3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Manchini and adrian durham spouted that better than barca crap, and after the game the ginger twat started tweeting how there will be an open top bus in chelsea to commemorate the win. Twat, he just cant take it that villas b is NOT in over his head and that he was wrong about writing him off so quick. He also shows he has zero understanding of being a sports person, the win meant a lot for chelsea and their fans but he acts like theyve achieved noting. Tabloid trash that ginger is....suck it up

Im a gooner btw. Well done chelski