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Mourinho: We are not inferior to Barcelona

The Portuguese boss says that his side are in a better situation than the Blaugrana and insists they can go at least one point clear at the top of the Liga standings on Saturday

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dcortz20273850d ago

You are not inferior to Barca, but your certainly not better than them either. Real Madrid have a long way to go before they are better than Barcelona.

Nes_Daze3850d ago

With some of the world's best players, (except THE best in the world) and you end up losing 8 times to Barcelona. Either RM IS inferior, or his coaching sucks. Pick one.

Corepred43849d ago

'THE best in the world' <--- couldn't be more wrong. he's the best in barca. can't do crap anywhere else. Why can't you blind fans see that? If you're the best in the WORLD you have to perform the best EVERYWHERE. I'm a huge madrid fan and I can say Ronaldo is not the best in the world, definetly up there though with messi.

KingPin3849d ago

100% agreed. finally someone with some sense on this site.

buddymagoo3849d ago

So if Messi isn't the best in the world, who is then??? You don't make any sense as usual.

Nes_Daze3849d ago

And who else plays so incredibly in a league and internationally in your opinion? He's the best in the Spanish league easily. On an international level, again may I remind you that Messi is a commplex player, and Argentina has no idea how to use him on the pitch correctly. Every time Argentina works cooperatively with him in mind, he either scores or he ends up having an assist or two.

But hey, if you want to disagree with the people that hand him over the balon de oro, that's fine.

Mozilla893849d ago


haha, exactly what I was thinking. I want to know who he thinks is the best player in the world if it's not Ronaldo or Messi.

kulka3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Xavi is the best never seen a better passing player represents the true values of team sport

Corepred43848d ago

Tell you the truth I don't know who is the best in the world. Everyone will always have their opinions. buddymagoo just ignore my comments, so far i find you annoying and never anything worthwhile reading. I don't make any sense, really? Why cause i'm not elbow deep in everyone's favorite player?

"But hey, if you want to disagree with the people that hand him over the balon de oro, that's fine."

You mean the same people who take bribes?! O_O

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KingPin3849d ago

the way i look at it, soccer is more a marathon than a sprint. so yeah, losing 2 games to barca <home and away> is only 6 points lost. but they can make it up elsewhere. so yeah, come end of the season we will see whose on top.

neoragex3849d ago

you lot are not better either, grow up mourinho.