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Highlights: Chelsea 2-1 Manchester City (English Premier League - 12/12/11)

0-1 Balotelli 2'
1-1 Meireles 34'
2-1 Lampard (Pen) 82'


Full 8min Highlights:

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Anderson84376d ago

well well well.. gues city arent invincible after all.. could of sworn i heard some1 said they'd be able to cope with goin down to 10 men aswell.. guess not.

good game tho, sturridge and mata are chelseas best players at the mo

Computersaysno4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Well after certain users had acted rather arrogantly, dismissed this game and the fixture list i can only say....told you so.

Chelsea are no pushovers even if they have not been at their best so far. Everyone that doubted Chelsea's ability to beat anyone on their day should eat their words and the same goes for Arsenal. Gap down to 2 points, and Arsenal next. Wonder if some City fans believe that will be a walkover too despite Arsenal coming into form nicely?

I fancy Arsenal to at least go away from that game with something and as i have repeated quite a bit so far, the results against your title rivals are key and City have still got to play their final rival next weekend. You don't win the title in December. Can't wait for that one now.....

GanjaMan4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Yes both are quality (believe it not sturridge was once a city player but got released) and a well deserved victory for Chelsea + they have done the whole league a big favor too!

Anderson84376d ago

yea they never should of let him go.. i remember him playing beter than robinho in a few cameos he made whilst still there but its better to see him playing than go to waste like adam johnson is

buddymagoo4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Romeu is a monster!

guigsy4376d ago

City showing once again that they don't have a plan b when it's not going their way. Mancini got it all wrong by bringing off Aguero for Toure and then doing a u turn and bringing off Lescott for Dzeko. Title race is wide open again and City will be under pressure to get a result against Arsenal on Sunday, especially when United play QPR beforehand.

Corepred44376d ago

"could of sworn i heard some1 said they'd be able to cope with goin down to 10 men aswell.. guess not."

Cope better than United =)

Gamer19824376d ago

Indeed we didnt get 5 banged in against us. Just a penalty. We know how to defend still and this was Chelsea but the excuses will still poor out lol.

ad4mb4375d ago

yeah because, unlike united you didn't throw everyone forward... (which was united's downfall so not a good thing either way)

buddymagoo4375d ago

Let em talk, we will be Champions again come June.

Anderson84374d ago

no they didnt, they lost an so did we... 4goals less doesnt give them any points does it?

Corepred44374d ago

whatever helps you sleep better anderson, lmao. what spin!

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MaximusPrime4376d ago

"Frank Lampard came off the bench to score from the spot as Chelsea dealt 10-man Man City their first Premier League defeat of the season." - BBC sports.

1st defeat LOL.
well done Chelsea!!! defeated Man City at home.

whatever happened to Man U at home?? 1-6 DEFEATED BY MAN CITY LMAO

buddymagoo4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

What happened to Man Utd is we are 2 points behind and above you lot in the League. After our "disastrous" start with our "rubbish" players. I will congratulate Chelsea though, they deserved it. Lets not forget we were 3-0 up at half time with Rio, Vidic and Cleverley injured against you lot. 20!

Blue moon, you started singing too soon!

asmith23064375d ago

Two points behind, out of the CL and Vidic out for the season. I can't see Utd winning anything this season.

buddymagoo4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

Never under estimate Man Utd, people should know better by now.

We are 2 points behind a team that is supposedly amazing with us being in poor form and having half the squad out. When Cleverley, Anderson, Rafael, Fletcher, Chicharito, Owen, Fabio, Berbatov are all fit we will be at full strenght and ready to go again. We are not doing bad as I say we are 2 points behind "superstars" City with the rest of the season to go and it is all to play for.


Anderson84376d ago

havent we beaten you already this season?... your going on like they didnt go down to 10men..
*sigh*... this is why i can never praise another team

b163o14376d ago

LMAO Did you see the match? City dominated the 1st half, not counting the chelsa goal. After the deserving 2nd yellow card City switched in2 defense mode and did a great job keeping the ball for majority of the 2nd half. The hand ball killed us, chelsa capitalized on it. Lucky win imo.....
If not for the hand ball it would have been a draw.

Computersaysno4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Did you see the match? City got a great start but Chelsea came into the game at least 10 minutes before they scored. By the time the first half had ended Chelsea had 5 shots to City's 4. City didn't dominate the first half, they dominated the first 20 minutes or so and from that point on, gradually waned and let up the pace as the game got older.

By the time the red card came Chelsea were passing the ball well, probing and beating City's wingbacks and tormenting them hence the rash tackles. I fancied Chelsea to snatch it even 11 v 11 by that point. Aguero was very dangerous but Balotelli had gone quiet, whereas Chelsea stepped it up- Sturridge and Mata were too much for City in the second half.

City were always a threat on the break until the red, but overall before the red it was at least even, and Chelsea just grew after that.

Looking at the final stats:

Chelsea 58%
Man City 42%

Attempts on target:
Chelsea 7
Man City 4

Attempts off target:
Chelsea 6
Man City 4

Chelsea 5
Man City 1

Chelsea 11
Man City 18

Gamer19824376d ago

City did overpower Chelsea for most of the first half and SHOULD have killed the game off they didn't and it cost them. Micah Richards not playing was a massive blow for us been saying on here all season especially the CL posts our backup defenders are not good enough and it showed today again with Zabaleta being run around like a fool and Kompany having to cover for him time and time again. Point is we were killed off by a sending off and a penalty (both deserved BTW) not by pure skill but we were beat something United couldn't do.

Not worried though still top and the best bit is United still got to play nearly the entire top 6 away after christmas where as we play them all at home bar Arsenal. Still don't see Chelsea as a threat as not many come away with much at the Bridge and like I said we were done by a penalty and a sending off not skill. If we would have had 10 men on the field at 90 minutes I feel the result would have been differn't and at least our status and unbeaten would have been intact.

ProjectVulcan4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

You can moan about luck and penalties but its a bit of a lame excuse, United could and should be on level points now if it weren't for the Newcastle penalty that wasn't, you can take it back so many games and decisions but this is how it stands now and its pointless.

United are used to playing home and away, they can only really get better next year anyway. If City were truly that fantastic and unstoppable they would be running away with the league but its not nearly won yet in December. They have a mere 2 points for the money that has been spent and that could be gone by this time next week.

There are lots of factors for the 2nd half of the season and while it is true United have away games, you also have to look at their run in the last 11 games its a fantastic looking run in for them and i expect them to take full advantage of that lovely looking list from march to the end when the pressure is cranked up.

As long as United are still in touch after the Spurs game the start of March then they are quite capable of a big charge toward the finish line with the games they have lined up.

imtiyaz64376d ago

Drogba's still got it. Did anyone see him nutmeg two City players at once?

MaximusPrime4376d ago

yea and he could have scored a fantastic goal if he kicks it correctly.

brilliant move but Mata has the best move imo ;)

proudly_X4376d ago

CLICHY and Lescot were completely invisible in the game.. I thought that Yaya toure was ineffective at best and Silva was hidding.. either way... Poor changes by Mancini and Poor startin eleven decision.. Aguero, Milner and Silva wasted all chances that could have sealed the game.. remember, if you wana shoot, shoot don't talk.. Lessons for the Citizens..

They are still favourites to win.. considering the fact that they only lost one away feature to chelsea, all other big games except Arsenal happens in ETIHAD, and City can claim all 3 points..

KonohagakureFC4376d ago

To be fair though, City should've gotten that penalty when it was still 1-0, more bad refereeing there...

After that though they completely switched off and played pretty poorly

Gamer19824376d ago

I agree City should have had a penalty at the other end but that's Clattenburg he hates City but unlike the other whiners on here I ain't gonna moan about it. We still on top and played nearly the entire top 6 away this season.

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