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Break from football for Fletcher

Manchester United and Scotland midfielder Darren Fletcher is to take "an extended break from football" owing to a chronic bowel condition.

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buddymagoo3850d ago

Get well soon Fletch! My favourite United player, I will miss him a lot. Heart of a lion.

zeddy3850d ago

if fergie wasnt going to get a midfielder in january before this, i think he just might now.

Gamer19823849d ago

Wow wish the guy the best doesn't sound nice does it? Wouldn't wish it on any player. Saying that it's not looking well for united I agree with above United DEFINITELY need to open the chequebook in January now.

buddymagoo3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

2 points being megabuck Arab oil money City. Not doing bad at all! Champions!

Gamer19823848d ago

@buddymagoo wow even when the subjects about one of your own players and people including myself are being respectful here you have to act like a jerk don't you.. Even the united supporters on here dislike you. I bet you dont even live near manchester do you? Hell I bet you never even been to old trafford either have you? typical fan you are who shouts his mouth off and just talks crap. At least theres decent fans on here and this topic shows the men from the boys and you sir are no man.

guigsy3850d ago

He hasn't been right for nearly a year now and this explains why. Massive blow for us, as if we didn't have enough problems in the centre of midfield already.

Ninjamonkey823850d ago

Hope the lad the best and hope he gets better. Best to go with what the Doctors say. It will hurt him for hes wanted back on the pitch. But if it helps long term this may be the better answer. Just im sure now we need to dip in some cash for a midfielder come January.

kulka3850d ago

This may be better for long term you can't keep playing feeling pain as you will not be at your best and risk a more serious injury hope he recovers soon

RedDevils3850d ago

Man this is bad, hope Darren get well soon