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Chelsea make Fernando Torres available for £20m

The Stamford Bridge club are thought to be willing to make a £30m loss on the striker they signed from Liverpool in January, with the Spaniard still to find form in London.

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Gamer19823847d ago

Bye, Bye Torres if they sell him Chelsea will become a threat to the title again. They started becoming a threat soon as he stopped playing.

silvacrest3846d ago

i dont no why you got a disagree, your right, AVB put drogba off the bench and is now playing with sturridge which has shown results unlike torres,.....3 goals in how many matches??

GanjaMan3847d ago

Sell him and get cavani or neymar

oli3846d ago

no, not neymar. start putting in a young player and prepare him instead.

GanjaMan3846d ago

mate neymar is young, hes like 18 or 19 if you dont think thats young then i dont know what is :p

oli3846d ago

i meant a young player that they already have, and i say that because i think Neymar is just another cristiano that's full of himself. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear on my 1st post

dcortz20273846d ago

$30 million dollar loss? Ouch! Good luck in another team Torres.

ProjectVulcan3846d ago

Worse, £30 million so about $45m loss.

However this won't happen it seems. AVB has said he will not be sold. The article is a little slow, the rumour broke late on Tuesday and was quashed Thursday morning by the club.

I can see it could be possible he may leave in the summer, but with Anelka leaving in January and Drogba stalling on a new deal then Chelsea can't afford to sell another big name striker at the moment.

RedDevils3846d ago

Who would believe this rofl

kulka3846d ago

I would like to see him back at Liverpool he belong there he is clearly not happy at Chelsea

silvacrest3846d ago

dont you rememeber why liverpool sold him, well apart from the money

hkgamer3846d ago

liverpool should trade shitty carroll for torres... :D

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