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Mario Balotelli and Micah Richards in training ground confrontation

Mario Balotelli's remarkable penchant for embroiling himself in controversy at Manchester City has resurfaced in the form of a training-ground confrontation with his team-mate Micah Richards.

The two players clashed towards the end of a practice match preparing for Sunday's game against Arsenal. Witnesses reported that words were exchanged before the two players squared up.

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Gamer19823848d ago

Sure they did like all the other scraps that happened in training ground right? Soon as City lose one game there fighting again according to press.. Dear me..

zeddy3848d ago

i would not like someone like balotelli in my team, great player but a volatile character. you need to be walking on egg shells around him, nobody knows how he will react.

Gamer19823848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

So was Keane at united and he became a legend there he would blow his top enough. Although they are different in the way they act they were both hot headed and could cost the team a match. I mean take a look at some of these quotes...