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Liverpool beat Manchester United and Fulham to £1m signing of Wycombe Wanderers wonderkid Jordan Ibe

The Reds will welcome the League One club's prodigious attacker to Merseyside next summer after he completes his final year at secondary school, with deal "95 per cent done".

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Gamer19823851d ago

Really if he was a future wonderkid and United came knocking as well as Liverpool I'm sorry but there would have only been one choice. Even I know that and I'm a city supporter I seriously doubt either this kid as the quality of a "wonderkid" or United were interested. One doesn't fit.. Probably both just trying to excite scouse red fans.

kulka3851d ago

Even Chelsea wanted him this boy has talent

buddymagoo3850d ago

Gamer would know, United always get their name thrown in to make transfers more attractive.

Gamer19823850d ago

@buddymagoo exactly it's not the first time its happened and won't be the last. There starting to do it with City aswell everybody is linked with City nowadays to bump up the price thanks to our money and new pulling power.

Sahil3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

@gamer: wat do u know about wonderkids or youth talent.. you sugar daddy lover!

Gamer19823850d ago

Wow I smell jealousy! It's okay though because people forget our successful academy before we got taken over and we still have quite a few of those players in the premier league today. You obviously know nothing about City so I would keep your mouth shut in future.

kane_lfc3850d ago

Only about 2 alright players have come out of the city academy...while LFC have produced some of the best players of all time including a Ballon Dor winner in Michael Owen.

Sahil3850d ago

and you know nothing about that player, so keep your mouth shut. You are the one whose jealous coz the other clubs are signing young talents meanwhile city...

neoragex3850d ago

Look who's talking about youth talent.. CITY FANS.. haha

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