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Sion case may hand Manchester United Champions League reprieve

Manchester United could in theory be reinstated to the Champions League after Fifa threatened to suspend Switzerland over the case involving Sion.

The Swiss FA has been given a deadline of 13 January to follow Fifa's instructions on the registration ban imposed on Sion or face a suspension which would also result in Basel being expelled from the Champions League. That could potentially see Sir Alex Ferguson's side back in the competition while another option could be that Bayern Munich, Basel's last-16 opponents, are given a bye.

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Gamer19823890d ago

Just like the draw united again will be handed a chance on a silver spoon. A joke this really for the competition and united who have to get back in this way rather than results. UEFA are dying to get united back into CL and it shows with this move all of a sudden. If they really had a problem with this they could have done something about it earlier but no they waited for United to get dumped out first. Ah well people can say City over pay for players but at least we don't get handed trophy opportunity on a silver spoon like this. Glad it's not City might like to point that out too as like with the Chelsea game I like results to be made on the field with goals not decisions by officials.

buddymagoo3890d ago

I don't think it would be fair but you can understand UEFA. We are the biggest club in the world and we bring in the most viewers. All around Asia and America all watch the Champions League for Manchester United. With out United in the champions league it is a less attractive tournament.

kulka3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

well yes United do attract fans but this would be sad for football it is the first time Basel progressed to the last 16 and what UEFA will take it off them because of stupidity of their local FA ? Basel deserve to be there

topgeareasy3890d ago

"We are the biggest club in the world and we bring in the most viewers.All around Asia and America all watch the Champions League for Manchester United. With out United in the champions league it is a less attractive tournament."

who cares, we got beat by a better team, Basel should remain in the last 16

champions league is not a popularity contest

buddymagoo3890d ago


I said I didn't think it was fair.

topgeareasy3890d ago

then why did you add the dribble about most viewers

RedDevils3890d ago

We don't deserve to be there end off

buddymagoo3890d ago


I said what might be UEFAs stance not mine. Reading comprehension?

topgeareasy3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

UEFA don't care about that sh*t

buddymagoo3889d ago


Got the inside knowledge of UEFA I see. UEFA only care about money which more viewers brings them.

RGB3885d ago

"We are the biggest club in the world"

Don't quite think so. ;)

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ProjectVulcan3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

This is just pure chance and would hardly be an easy gift- Bayern Munich would await. Trust a City fan to moan about it.

Basel do totally deserve their place in the knockout on footballing terms there is no doubt they earnt it against United, however, the Swiss FA must bow to UEFA's ruling. Sion DID break the rules and if the Swiss FA fail to acknowledge this and enforce a punishment then UEFA could and should not allow Swiss involvement in European competition. The Court of Arbitration for Sport agrees with UEFA and has upheld their decision after seperate review- getting other legal proceedings outside CAS underway is another extremely poor call from Sion.

Harsh decision? Probably. Very much so for Basel who have no say in the matter. But you just can't expect UEFA to let their authority slip against the individual associations. If UEFA do not force consequences on the club and association then what use is UEFA? Whats the point of having a governing body that is powerless when a club blatantly breaks the rules? Whats the point of having CAS if clubs think they should easily bypass this highly regarded institution?

In a few years if clubs fail to meet the Financial Fair Play rules, do you want to see UEFA not force any consequences of that? Whats the point of such a ruling if UEFA do nothing about breaches. This then would be harsh for Basel, but necessary to maintain order should the Swiss F.A not comply.

In the end, i imagine they will comply.

kulka3890d ago

Just ban Sion from European competitions Basel had nothing to do with this

ProjectVulcan3890d ago

The issue is not just with Sion FC now, thats my point (and UEFA's)

The issue is also now with the swiss FA. UEFA's decision here is based on the swiss FA taking action against Sion themselves.

UEFA have already dealt with Sion regards european competition, the whole reason this may extend to other swiss clubs is up to the swiss FA.

KingPin3890d ago

the way you talk is like manchester United are arguing to uefa to let them back in which is not the case. so stop whining. it makes you sound like a loser. are you upset that man city isnt getting this chance? 250 million down and still out of it.

OT: i dont think MUFC should be let in. they lost fair and proper. besides, if they couldnt even make it into the last 16, they sure as hell aint gonna last very long even if they do get in again. this seasons team isnt strong enough as it is and without half of our first team players <all injured> i really dont see them making a difference.

topgeareasy3890d ago

hope this doesn't happen as we don't deserve to be in there as we played sub-par in the tournament this season and Basel were the better team

guigsy3890d ago

It was reported on Sky Sports News, but it won't happen.

neoragex3890d ago

The source is Guardian, cudn't be false.

Na3na33890d ago

It all started because of El hadary and Ahly Club :(

zeddy3890d ago

probably not going to happen, which is probably for the best. it would be embarrassing getting this lifeline and then getting thumped by bayern after one match.

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