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Young happy to have snubbed City

Ashley Young has insisted he has no regrets about snubbing Manchester City in favour of Manchester United.

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Gamer19823847d ago

City never had an offer in for him. He trying to incite something like players do like Aguero did when he said united were in for him when they wern't.

Gamer19823846d ago

Its a rival thing he does it to try to show who is the power house all players are doing it these days. But it's okay I wouldn't expect you to understand.

buddymagoo3846d ago

Again why would he lie. I know you are used to it happening with City but I doubt he would lie. Every player you have bought in the last 3 years is linked with us just to make them credible.

dcortz20273847d ago

Who would want to play for any other team if given the choice to play for Manchester United?

kulka3847d ago

Most players now see Real and Barca as a more attractive destination

KingPin3846d ago

and others let money decide where they move to.

Joey Barton and Carlos Tevez come to mind.

kulka3846d ago

@kingPin yup City and PSG are decent examples also Eto'o moving to Anzhi

Gamer19823846d ago

Christiano Ronaldo perhaps?