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Ravel Morrison: 10 Reasons He's Manchester United's Next Big Star

BR - Have you heard about Ravel Morrison yet?

Of course you have. But if not, here are two excellent introductions.

If you don't think that's a great first impression, just wait. It might not be long before the 18-year-old midfielder—along with his buddies—gets a chance to really show you what he's got.

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kane_lfc3842d ago

Is even that good? Hes not even a regular in the England u18s.

buddymagoo3842d ago

Could someone be a little sore after he scored 2 past your youth lot.

kane_lfc3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

We beat your u18s 6-0 and your reserves 6-2.

Conor Coady the captain of our reserves captained the England u17s to there 1st ever euro championships and got nominated for young personality of the year.

Now hes captain of the u19s.

buddymagoo3841d ago

Our reserves just beat you 4-0.
December 16th

kane_lfc3841d ago

Yes but you had Diouf and alot of experience in that side while we didn't, are oldest player in that side was like 19.

Plus it doesn't matter whether your academy win the league or the fa cup etc, its about who it produces.

buddymagoo3841d ago

We are doing fine. Liverpool on the other hand are not so good. Worry about your own teams players.

kane_lfc3841d ago

You finished 6th in the youth league last year while we finished 2nd, 1 point of 1st.

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Anderson83841d ago

he's probably got the most talent out of all our young player but he's too volatile his temprement and behavior off the field is like balotellis its the reason fergie hasnt moved him to the first team yet.. if he stays out of trouble tho he'll be quality