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Roy Keane hits back at Ferguson

Keane provoked Ferguson’s ire when, working for ITV, he said he felt Manchester United had “got what they deserved” when they were knocked out of the Champions League by Basle.

Ferguson then questioned Keane’s managerial record, saying “[Roy] had an opportunity to prove himself as a manager [of Sunderland and Ipswich Town] too.”

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buddymagoo3849d ago

Roy Keane has become what he always despised as a player, a pundit sticking his nose in.

I love Keano but he is taking this too far!

Baka-akaB3849d ago

More like Fergie is the one going far , as every once in a while .

He's being a control freak , and doesnt own Roy Keane's soul here , so shouldnt be faking being offended there .

Keane didnt attack his managerial record there , nor is denying it . It is irrelevant and doesnt save the team from criticism

neoragex3847d ago

Fergie is a nuthead, Keane is trying to tell him what everyone is trying, get a midfielder FFS.