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Suarez banned for eight matches & fined £40,000 for racism row involving Patrice Evra

The FA issued the punishment on the grounds that the Uruguayan made insulting comments in reference to the Red Devils defender's skin colour but the attacker is likely to appeal.

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kulka4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

This is a joke it is the biggest ban I have ever seen only the drugs ones.

Mozilla894364d ago

Don't worry, expect the sentence to be reduced to just a couple of games. I highly doubt they'd suspend him for 8 games.

GJ234364d ago

He's should get another 3 added to that as well after flipping off the fulham fans. Gonna be a short season for him.

Mozilla894364d ago

I don't think what he did is right but I'm telling you there is no way he's going to miss 8 games mark my words. Unless he doesn't appeal which he of course will.

NewMonday4364d ago

the word he used is not an insult in Uruguay, its a common word used in non racial manner in south america. even ManU's Mexican striker was quoted using it in reference to on of his teammates.

in the other hand the words used buy John Terry are clear, but everyone is talking about Suarez.

buddymagoo4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

It may not be an insult in Uruguay but is Evra NOT from Uruguay and was NOT it said in Uruaguy, NO. Racism may be fine in Uruguay but in Europe we can't stand for it.

Why Suarez felt the need to call Evra Negreto/Negro/Nigga on the field of play is astounding and he has been rightfully punished. Hate crime should not go unpunished now matter how good the player. I think he should have been banned for 30 games to send out a statement.

kulka4364d ago

@Buddy Suarez barely speaks English how was he suppose to know that Evra would be offended?

NewMonday4364d ago

its about context, first Negro is the common word for black in Spanish, not slavery connected, and in Latin america, the racial issue is mainly about European vs indigenous, in non western culture its common and non offensive to refer to some one by his skin tone casually like hair color. and like I said Chitinho used the word but its OK coz he plays for ManU

Gamer19824364d ago

I hate to agree with Budymagoo but I do any racism should be dealt with hard and its great the FA are dealing with it. Sure 8 games is bad most thought it would be around 6 but they are making an example out of him after the whole Blatter incident. Suarez hasn't helped his case either by saying he demands an apology from Evra once he's found not guilty. This is coming from a city supporter here so you know this isn't about sticking up for my team or against my closest rivals which is united. But the liverpool player was wrong here and deserves what he gets.

HxCGamer4364d ago

negro means black , he is black, me calling someone that's black black is not an insult; its more of a fact.
now that that is said, I'm not the biggest fan of suarez.

Anderson84364d ago

@ HxCGamer

thats a ridiculous argument and could be used to justify almost any racial slur...
suarez could have said any standard insult that ppl say to each other when playin footie but he chose to bring race into it. he deserves his ban

ProjectVulcan4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

You do NOT make reference and address people you are unfamiliar with the use of a word regarding their skin colour. I don't go around calling strangers or minor acquaintances 'whitey' because you KNOW it could possibly be misconstrued and cause offence.

I am utterly disgusted even further by Liverpool's behaviour and statements in this matter by backing Suarez up with useless press releases and the players now wearing these shirts before their game tonight.

It is horrific for me to see Suarez being backed and portrayed as the victim in all this. It is just the act of a club desperately trying to excuse that behaviour and weasel their way out of the reality of the situation.

What next? Suarez decides to bite someone again and claim that is fine in Uruguay, its all meant nicely! Liverpool backing him to the hilt...Absolutely outrageous and has got me extremely annoyed tonight

HxCGamer4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

well the difference here is that he didn't call him a n***r, he just called him black and it is difficult to understand, but that is not really racist. At least not from a point of view that sees everyone as equals. To me saying "hey, look at that black guy." is no different than saying "hey, look at that tall guy.", it's not a slur and it's simply a description.

and @Vulcan
I lived in Peru for 3 years and in Argentina for 1; from that experience it is easy to see that people there call upon each other by their physical attributes, without being offensive or being racist(chino,chato,negro,blanq uesino, etc). It's simply a difference in culture and translation.

And that being said, I am not here to argue for him because, ultimately, this was said in Europe, where most of the population is white; thus, I am sure black people will take offense to it and think about it as a derogatory comment. Of course this is different in south america.

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SWORDF1SH4364d ago

liverpool fan im guessing?

And why do people stick up for him?

No evidence?

You do realise that there is plenty of cameras around the pitch.
this is probably the main reason why he is found guilty.

And you cant say that the fa are on man u side because they have a long history of being harsher to our players and manager.

Corepred44364d ago

who cares, they are just words. I swear people are such wimps nowadays.

Infernostew4364d ago

"who cares, they are just words"

Dude, you're part of the problem.

Baka-akaB4364d ago

doesnt have to be a liverpool fan or racist to find it exagerated .

There are worse misconducts in the EPL that gets blatantly ignored or with tiny bans for multiple offenders .

This is a dirty topic and quickly spread among the medias so now suddenly they want an example

ProjectVulcan4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Liverpool's statement and stance is poor IMO, they are still claiming that as Evra was the only one who heard it then Suarez shouldn't be found guilty.

In my eyes this is an abysmal statement from the club and i lost a lot of respect for them putting it out, its akin to the Saudi Arabian laws that say unless you have a bunch of other witnesses to a rape (as if you would) for example then it didn't happen and there can be no charges.

Suarez would have only wanted Evra to hear it, and if the cameras caught enough of it and a well trained lip reader can confirm it, then he did it, simple as.

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GanjaMan4364d ago

no this is not a joke, racism is very vile and should be stamped out from the game, so a 8 match ban shows that the FA are serious about racism and players will think twice about opening their mouths to discriminate people for their skin colour.

+ what about John Terry's racist remarks to Anton, why is he getting away with it when suarez aint? hmmmm something seems fishy

Gamer19824364d ago

John Terry happened later and is still being dealt with. His ban will happen later this year and I expect around the same however he hasn't come out demand apologies from Anton etc if found innocent. So I wouldn't be surprised if he got a couple of games less.

zico4364d ago

Ridiculus!!!!! This can`t be true FA!!!!????!!

kulka4364d ago

I just read the official Liverpool fc statement
There I found out that Suarez himself is off mixed backgrounds His grandfather was Black and he was friends with many people of that skin colour so can anyone tell me how could he be racist ?????

buddymagoo4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Wow just wow. The old I have a black friend/relative argument never ceases to amaze me.

zico4364d ago

This is only based on Evras own claims, and we know that he has made similar allegations that have been completely refuted earlier!

GJ234364d ago

Lies. Evra has never made allegations before. The one at chelsea was brought up by united's medical staff and the one with finnan was brought up by a deaf viewer who lip read finnan and complained about him.

buddymagoo4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Really!? People still defending him after he has been found GUILTY???

"panel rule he did racially abuse Evra" What more do you want???

They have to have evidence to charge him which they have done. Man Utd players haven't come out and said anything. I just don't understand how you condone this behaviour.

kulka4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

evidence even united players said they know nothing about it nor the officials
I don't condone racism I think it should be punished once there is some kind of evidence and if he was guilty why would liverpool defend him ?
you can't just ban our best player if they have evidence then let them come out publicly and finish this controversy Liverpool will appeal this...


Liverpool are defending Suarez because he's their player, that's what clubs do, they stick by their player just like you are doing and I don't blame you but you can't just dismiss Evra as a liar when you know as much about this as we do. We're talking about Suarez here. He's the same guy who did this...


and this...

oh and my personal favourite...

And anyway Suarez admitted saying something to him...

"There were two sides of our discussion, one in Spanish and one in English. I didn't insult him, it was just my way of expressing myself."

If he's so sure its not racist why doesn't he just come out and tell us what he said?

I'll admit the 8 match ban was a little too much but this is clearly the FA sending a message to stamp out racism (expect Terry next).

guigsy4364d ago

Having black friends and relatives doesn't automatically mean he didn't racially abuse Evra. Regardless, 8 games seems harsh but it's a clear statement of intent by the FA to stamp racism out of the game by making an example of Suarez.

Kos-Mos4364d ago

Were you born stupid? You can`t be racist because your grandfather was black???

Anderson84364d ago

so what?.. your argument is weak surez said something racist and he deserves a ban, with all this 'kick racism out' campaign he was always going to be made an example of and rightly doesnt matter if he's one 16th black..
the lengths your'e going to defend him just show ignorance and desperation.. no wonder ppl h8 fans like you who are blinded by their own club.. its ridiculous

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ohahCantona4364d ago

I'm shocked people are mad at Evra. He (Suarez) should be punished for this racist comments! This is maybe an isolated incident, but racist is NOT okay, so don`t defend him for this!!
Didn`t he also stole Ghana's chances at the World Cup with his handball? Maybe this will teach him a lesson?

b163o14364d ago

Wow, cant believe you got disagrees on a comment speaking out about racism.

On Suarez, if comments are true he's finished in my book, simple as that. As much as I see "Say no to Racism" banners around the pitch I feel the suspension should be harsher imo....

MaximusPrime4364d ago

Wow. 8 matches ban? That was way too harsh.