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Chinese referee admits to fixing friendly involving Manchester United

The official says that he was paid to alter the game in 2007 and also confessed to taking bribes to influence one other international friendly and also six Chinese league games.

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buddymagoo3891d ago

Did the guy really need to fix this result?? The outcome was inevitable.

kulka3890d ago

And it was only a friendly as well no importance

RedDevils3889d ago

maybe it involves in betting other than that I don't know why there a need for it

ngecenk3889d ago

someone dare to bet 5 points must have a good odds and cash.

Gamer19823889d ago

its important to people who bet on these fixings. As for inevitable Megoo if your that sure why dont you put your entire weeks wages on uniteds next game that you think its inevitable there gonna win? I bet you wont.

buddymagoo3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

I often do! It's a good earner for me but can be a killer like against Basel.

Anyway get back to the back of the moss you.

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