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buddymagoo3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Christmas cracker!

zeddy3841d ago

that was so easy, i thought it was going to be a tough match but we didnt even get out of 3rd gear. the last 2 goals were amazing but nani again is the star player with 2 asissts and a goal, albeit a lucky deflection for giggs' goal.

Gamer19823840d ago

Agreed really surprised by the result. Don't get me wrong though United would give them a game but Fulham really were poor which is so unlike the Fulham of the past. I mean United hadn't won there for 4 years before this result that alone says how tough they used to be. They even gave Liverpool and City a run for there money this season. United as usual took the opportunity given to them though and used it to catch up on the GD.


Just once I'd like to see us play a match and no one gets injured.

GanjaMan3841d ago

who got injured this time? lol

no_more_heroes3841d ago

Welcome to our world. Make yourself at home.

RedDevils3840d ago

Young for some reason got bad luck with injury, he just got back from injury and play like 2 match now back to being injured again

kane_lfc3840d ago

Isnt Jones out for 6 months?

RedDevils3840d ago

no we are waiting for the x-ray, and even it serious he would out up to FEB as the latest

Killzoned3840d ago

Really please with the results! MANUTD!!

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