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Luis Suarez racism ban exposes a lack of cultural understanding by the FA

It was a situation the likes of which one experiences every day in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. Lining up behind an attractive, olive-skinned girl in her mid-20s in a store, in the middle of a December heatwave which pushed the mercury towards 37°C and waiting patiently as the stranger bought a box of Marlboro cigarettes. The clerk passed back her change with a smile, and the salutation "Gracias, negra".

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Sahil3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Definitely the best article I've read about this - can't believe it's from Wow.

Got to say that one of the things that has irritated me more than any other in the press the last couple of days has been the self-righteous holier-than-thou tripe being spewed by the press when they say "if he is going to work in our country, he has to accept our higher standards about these things". What a load of fuking shite. Britain may be multi-cultural (and I love that about this country), but it sure as fuk isn't racially integrated (outside of London, and even London is debatable unless you're part of the affluent minority). In fact, the exact reason that a word like negro is so sensitive in this country is because the racial integration is paper-thin - a lot of it is just being careful about words. There are still a lot of hearts and minds in this country that haven't embraced racial integration, so we become uber-sensitive about our words to avoid that ever being exposed. Instead, if you are in a place where hearts and minds have been won, then people don't care what words you use, because they know you don't mean anything by it!!! So Luis's failure isn't that he hasn't adjusted to how progressive Britain is, it's that he's failed to realise how paper-thin that progress actually is.

buddymagoo3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

However you want to look at it. The fact remains Suarez distinguished and discriminated Evra by race.

He knew what he was saying affected Evra because he kept saying it. Approximately ten times according to Evra.

ATLien3840d ago

According to Evra its one mans word against another it was never proving he say it ten times but I don't know maybe he did.

I don't know how Evra can claims he said it ten time but goes on record and says he doesn't think Suarez is racist.

kane_lfc3840d ago

It was said 10 times...yet not heard by anyone else once.

ProjectVulcan3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Its all about context....and in the context Suarez kept using it then how can it not be considered offensive? It was said to annoy Evra, he knows Evra was European. Said casually to a friend then fine if his friend accepts its meaning but said to an your direct opponent, someone you are not personal close friends with, in that match against your biggest and most hated rival?

And we are supposed to believe that its all just one big misunderstanding and it was innocent and it didn't have any malicious intentions?

If you really believe that then you are probably naive.

NewMonday3839d ago

1) We are supposed to take evras word? Even Baloteli, another black player mocked this
2) Cultural differences and intent do matter,"afeah"is an Arabic word used in "I wish you good health" but used in Morocco it means "go to hell"
3)referring to someone by his race is not offensive, it is the context, Sudan means "land of the blacks", one of the most popular players we in my countries football history is nicknamed "the black jewel"
4) Suarez didn’t admit saying anything, so the FA just took one man's word agenst another.

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RedDevils3840d ago

you are forgetting that Suarez has admitted he said the "N' word to Evra, beside he live in Europe long enough to know what he is saying, he can't pretend he live in Uruguay that like the worst Excuse he could of come up

kulka3840d ago

Very good article this This incident is just one big misundertanding


If he said it once then yeah I would call it a misunderstanding but apparently he said it several times to Evra during the match.
Now either he couldn't read Evra's name on the back of his shirt so he just decided to call him negro because that's what they do in Uruguay or he was looking to wind Evra up.

kane_lfc3840d ago

I used to do Spanish lessons and all negro means is black...and stating a fact isnt racist.

Racism - a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.


I know negro means black but it still doesn't make sense to why he said it, of all the things to call him why comment on his skin colour? Imagine I went around to every black person and just called them 'hey black guy' over and over again. I'm not black but I'm assuming they'll get irritated by it.

krazykombatant3840d ago

Dude latin america is just not like the US or Europe, you don't call black people, African-American (why call them that most black people have never been to africa, they're just Americans.) or call them coloured people. Negro is what we use when talking to black people. Its just that black people LOVE to play the race card. Other races trying to oppress us. BULLSHIT. Latinos down own shit to the african americans, we didn't keep them as slaves, hell we were the slaves to the europeans as well. We all have mix backgrounds.

Yeah North America and Europe are developed nations, but they still hold the racism deep within, thats why white people can't even call black people black or anything. Gotta thread carefully on those words.

shadowraiden3840d ago

what a load of bullshit. end of the day he came to this country and so has to follow our rules and culture on how things are. And so what its not what he called him its how he said it that usually implies racism or any type of bad meaning towards somebody i could easily say bitch or bastard but if i then started actually calling somebody it with ill meaning then i am clearly abusing that person.

ATLien3840d ago

What if you say bitch or bastard to your self and and someone claims you said if to them does the FA have a right to ban you? its your word against his it different but similar in the way of Evra claiming he said it 10 times and Suarez denying it.

krazykombatant3840d ago

Your bitching about what he said is racism here in the UK. We only have one word for black people in spanish thats negro. Depending on the subject and the connotations around it, it means black. Or it can mean other things. If its just Negro, then thats it. By you saying that we have to put up with your culture and leave ours behind, thats racism right there. We are all entitled to our express ourselves be it through religion or manner of speaking. FA is ignorant on cultural understanding as you seem to be as well.

I don't see you or any other british going to france or germany and having to sing the national anthem when your in their country. But I guess you do right, since you are in their country and you have to do things as a German/French citizen. Because you live there you're expected to behave like them.

pffffffft your argument is invalid.

TruthBTold3839d ago

Well said, if they considered Suares's culture there would be no ban or fine. Latin people have no issues with skin color, hair color, height, weight or eye color. We call our friends who are fat "gordos", we call our blond friends "canches" or "gueros", we call our short friends "enanos", we call our black friends "negros". its not racist. Only certain regions in the world have a problem calling people for what they physically look like because of bad history of racism in their country. If you listen to a lot of Cuban or Dominican Replubic artists you always hear "negra" o "negro" which is said out of our customs. Don't accuse people from other countries to be racist because people in your country feel racist if they call someone black. Being black isn't bad so why would calling it out be bad? Ya no mas pelear. Queremos a nuestros negritos y blanquitos igual. Azuca

kane_lfc3839d ago

According to the FA, the best player in the world along with the entire Argentina squad and FA are racists.

(See image attached)