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Highlights: Barcelona 9-0 Hospitalet (Spanish Copa del Rey - 22/12/11)

1-0 Pedro (Penalty) 11'
2-0 Iniesta A. 19'
3-0 Thiago Alcantara 23'
4-0 Xavi 36'
5-0 Tello C. 43'
6-0 Cuenca I. 49'
7-0 Thiago Alcantara (Penalty) 54'
8-0 Tello C. 64'
9-0 Cuenca I. 81'

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Gamer19823847d ago

why did he need to field such a good side? Is the itch of RM being on top getting to him?

neoragex3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

atleast they used some youth academy players(4), when was the last time city used any of their youth academy players, ohhhh.. you don't have any.

buddymagoo3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

City have got a cracking defender coming through the youth acadmey, Meppen-Walter. If United were to take a player it would be him. Very much like Rio but with a left foot, big lad and only young. England player as well. He's from Heywood aswell.

RedDevils3846d ago

as much as I hate City, they do have good youth players but the point is they rarely used them ever since the oil owner take over, so I doubt most will stay, Sturridge would be a great example

neoragex3847d ago

@buddymagoo: so now, you're a city peeper, fantastic!

buddymagoo3847d ago

He's my nephew, just a bit of shameless promotion.

neoragex3847d ago

good luck to him, then ;)

Nes_Daze3847d ago

Well it's not Guardiola's fault that even his younger players have an amazing talent. And RM has been at the top before and have lost their lead. Besides, their past results with Madrid show which is the better team.

kulka3847d ago

The amazing thing was that out of 15 Barca players in the team including subs are only one Pinto is not La Masia product

Nes_Daze3847d ago

Tello made some amazing plays, Cuenca I knew already but I didn't like the fact that he fell on purpose. This is practically Barca's youth team lol.

MoreRPG3847d ago

nice practice for Barcelona

topgeareasy3847d ago

this is what we (Man utd) should be able to, not to lose to Crystal Palace lol

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