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Fergie backs Suarez ban

Sir Alex Ferguson has described Luis Suarez's eight-match suspension as "the right decision" and suggested Liverpool will have to accept the punishment.

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kane_lfc3846d ago

No way...I thought he was going to back LFC.

Anyway he may like to look at some of his players conduct such as........Schmeichel allegedly racially abusing Ian Wright, Cantona attacking a fan, Roy Keane yelling at Haaland after a horrendous career threatening tackle, Ferdinand missing a drugs test, Rooney swearing down the camera, Giggs sleeping with his sister in law and Gary Neville constantly stating how much he hates Liverpool FC.

KingPin3846d ago

WOW!! All that and United still keeps winning trophies.

Bitter much?

Gamer19823846d ago

Probably not bitter hes taking it on face value here thinking Fergies decision is based on the fact Liverpool are rivals. Well 2 things.

1. I think Fergies serious and it's nothing to do with teams and support here he wants racism out of the game and I totally agree with him.
2. Liverpool aren't Uniteds rivals anymore and I can't see them being so anytime soon which kinda backs up my theory.

Oh yeah I support City Uniteds fierest rivals right now and I back Evra purely because I see the bigger picture here Racist remarks shouldn't be said on the pitch FULL STOP. No matter who says them. This shouldn't be about supporting your team here this is much more than that. Which is why it disgusted me the Liverpool players are backing Suarez after he admitted he said a racist word.

kane_lfc3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

So its perfectly acceptable for Roy Keane the apsolute cunt to end another players career because United still kept on winning trophies?

@Gamer1982 You talk some apsolute rubbish.

City aren't a big club.

He never admitted to saying anything otherwise do you think we would back him? Kenny must be 100% sure that he isn't racist to back him like he has.

NewMonday3846d ago

"Suarez after he admitted he said a racist word"

he didn't admit anything, its all leaks from Evra's claim, and even the FA said the ban wasn't for racial abuse so why are getting on a crusade agenst an innocent man. the worst thing he can be blamed of is "political incorrect", but it seems its upgraded to racism now.

talk about real racial issues not this witch hunt, if he was really a raciest than he deserves it, but for all this for misunderstanding?

Nes_Daze3846d ago

Well I thought Fergie was a bit smarter...unless this is just over a rivalry.

Ninjamonkey823846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

End of the day hes talking about a players aditude towards racism in a game and he has every right to voice his opinion wether you like it are not.

I saw someone above defend the fans being attacked by Cantona remember that was racist abuse being hurled at him aswell.

heres nice friendly fans.

Try Celtics manager Neil Lennon. Secterianism kept him from playing for Northen Ireland also ended him up being attack by fans. Bullets sent in the post to his family.

That was for religion :/

People forget this type of behaviour threw out football and forget what runs onto the pitch after the players.

This day and age theres no room to be putting hate on people for the colour of there skin actually hell to that there was never a time for it and shame to any idiot that did.

When a player reacts shows some passion hes the worst in the world. I say every man his his breaking point and only a certain amount he will take.