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Kaka: Barca are not unbeatable

Real Madrid midfielder Kaka insists Barcelona are not unbeatable while claiming Cristiano Ronaldo is a more complete player than Lionel Messi.

The Catalan giants have reigned supreme in the Spanish La Liga for the past three seasons, while Madrid have time and again fallen short in their bid to knock them off the perch.

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KingPin3837d ago

Getafe agree with this statement

KingPin3837d ago

neither do arsenal, whats your point?

KingPin3837d ago

My point is Getafe actually did beat the current barca squad fair and square. thus proving that barca are beatable and therefore concur with kaka's statement.

care to explain your man united story?

neoragex3837d ago

United cannot beat Barca. Simple.

KingPin3837d ago

i suppose you think the same goes for all teams who haven't won against barca yet.

but il leave you to enjoy it :) i mean in the 90- early 00s when madrid were dominating spain/europe, supporters like you were left to sit quiet in the corner.

but remember all things have cycles. barca will not be on top forever.

be humble in victory as you would in defeat.

neoragex3837d ago

At wembley, supporters like you were left to sit quiet in the corner.

Defeat barca and then talk shit, internet prick! It won't be long till you become a city fan.

dcortz20273837d ago

So do Chivas De Guadalajara. No team is unbeatable.

Nes_Daze3836d ago

LOL Barca players were not in their best form and weren't taking the game serious. You really think Pep wants his players injured in a shitty match against a shitty team before starting the league? Look at what happened to Sanchez and Villa in Japan when they faced Al Sadd.

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Nes_Daze3837d ago

Thanks Captain Obvious. I think Barca haters are trying to make themselves feel better, not Kaka but fans like Kingpin above.
Getafe is a team that will never see the top of the table in 10 years or more. Barcelona is not a perfect team, thus beatable. But if you DO beat them, you probably won't do it again.