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Highlights: Manchester United 5-0 Wigan Athletic (English Premier League - 26/12/11)

1-0 J.S. Park 6'
2-0 D. Berbatov 41'
3-0 D. Berbatov 58'
4-0 A. Valencia 75'
5-0 D. Berbatov 78'(pen)

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buddymagoo3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )


buddymagoo3838d ago

Our history makes us strong, your hate makes us stronger!


kane_lfc3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Stop posting that stupid banner its the most homosexual banner ever and stop with the united never die shit, also I thought you where opposed to history? You always say ''Stop living in the past'' and all that rubbish.

Also republic is spelt like that not republik...

GJ233838d ago

@ kane_lfc

Bitter much?
Difference is United dont live in the past because we have the present as well as the future. All Liverpool have is the "We were actually good once" argument.
'06 since the last trophy?
'89-'90 since the last title?

Also, since you are being pedantic about spelling and grammar, your name should have a capital letter at the start of it. The "lfc" in your name should also be in capital letters since its an abbreviation.

buddymagoo3838d ago

KaneLFC??? more like KANEMUFC.

United result article you posted 4 times

Liverpool result article you posted 0 times

Talk about a troll.

ProjectVulcan3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Helped by the sending off, but before it United had full control. It seems the form from earlier in the season is coming back and United gathering pace as we approach the middle of the season- just as City's form begins to stutter. Things looking pretty good for United right now, even with the injuries the squad still has that should clear up in the next few weeks.

Chelsea's threat has faded considerably so the sole focus for United will be to keep pushing very hard over January and crank up the pressure as much as possible for when City lose Toure. Will be an exciting month.

KonohagakureFC3838d ago

What the heck is wrong with Phil Dowd? No way was that a straight red

United would've killed Wigan regardless though

Gamer19823837d ago

Dowd handed United 4 goals and maybe 3 points. Nothing new though as United have been given points before in matches due to controversial decisions. The sending off killed Wigan who held onto only a 2-0 until half time but a man sent off THAT early in the game makes it more tiring for the rest of the team and United took advantage as you expected they would.

ProjectVulcan3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Someone sounds worrrieeedddd :D

Yes it was me who fancied United to be top by the New year. Barring an upset it WILL be United sat on top for the dawn of the new year, and who knows, by the end of the first day they might very well still be there too.

January is stacking up as another really brutal looking month for City across all competitions (3 games with Liverpool, one with United and another with Spurs), not to mention the loss of the Toure brothers, Yaya in particular being the lynchpin of City's midfield this season and it'll be a big loss.

Right about now you start to realise that United will do absolutely everything to prevent City winning this title, and i think there is yet another gear to be found when some of the injuries are relieved

zeddy3838d ago

berbaflop strikes again! :p

kane_lfc3838d ago

Why is it that Wigan bend over for Man U every season? :/

buddymagoo3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Didn't you know, United don't play well, teams just bend over for us. Even when we score it was just the goalkeeper letting it in.

Carrick today.
"keep criticising, we will just continue to do what we do and WIN"

kane_lfc3838d ago

I mean the aggerate score over 6 years is Man U 26-0 Wigan.

zeddy3838d ago

they dont bend over for us, we rape them.

kane_lfc3838d ago

Yes but they dont do this for anyother there actually any point in this fixture? They might aswell forfeit game.

badz1493838d ago

If they forfeit, United wins 3-0 but they played and United got extra 2 goals, which is important right now that United is trailing in the number of goals.

Last night, the intention is clear that they just want more goals. 4 strikers lol

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