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Andrew Cole: United will win Premier League title this season

The 40-year-old believes the Red Devils have a superior team spirit and that their experience, as well as the weight of expectation on Roberto Mancini's side, will prove telling.

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kane_lfc3834d ago

No...West Brom will win the Premier League this season.

KingPin3834d ago

whats funny about that comment is you have no faith in liverpool. guess the truth finally set in that even 4th place isn't gonna happen.

Gamer19823834d ago

Thats a bit harsh on Liverpool no?

Nes_Daze3834d ago

If City doesn't get their act straight, then yes United will win it easily.

Gamer19823834d ago

Get there act together? Only 1 lost game and unbeaten in 2011 at home it don't get much better than that. They can't be expected to win every single game nobody on the planet can do that not even Barca. The thing is City are doing better than United last season who won it. Of course so are United but thats because fixtures so far have favoured United playing all the top 6 at home minus Liverpool. Meaning the second half won't be as strong as the first. You can bang on about they are always stronger in the second half of the season but you only been stronger in the second half for 2 season on the trot not every season. Lets not let stats get in the way though of a good argument no?

This league is still Citys to lose and United can capitalise if they slip up however I can see City taking another 3 points against them at home so we can afford to drop behind at least 3 points.

Nes_Daze3832d ago

Relax, I favor City over United, I just don't like seeing them have such weak results after such an amazing start (6-1 over MU). Hopefully they perform better than they have been.