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Highlights: Chelsea 1-3 Aston Villa (English Premier League - 31/12/11)

23′ (PG) Didier Drogba 1-0
28' Stephen Ireland 1-1
83' Stilian Petrov 1-2
86' Darren Bent 1-3

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freeduck3831d ago

Luiz.. *facepalm*

This Chelsea squad is abysmal, I was really surprised that they managed a win over Citeh.

All pundits said before this season that Chelsea would easily finish top 3 and in title race but look at them now. No way in hell will they finish above Arsenal and Liverpool, the Chavs will finish 6th

neoragex3831d ago

Chelsea have lost more home games than swansea.. lol

crazyturkey3831d ago

My guess is that its over for Villas Boas.

lugia 40003831d ago

Wow that was just awful.

Nightfallen3831d ago

I watched the game and all I could say is wow... Chelsea are not Chelsea anymore, It used to be John Terry, Essien, Lampard, and Drogba in that order from back to front. Now since AVB came in that all has changed... JT doesn't have that CB he could build a comfortable partnership with. Lampard is no longer a starter.. Torres is not reliable, Drogba can't do everything by himself. Anleka left, Alex is leaving. Chelsea are not themselves anymore.

ProjectVulcan3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Chelsea were a monstrous team just 3 years ago, extremely difficult to beat, near impossible to beat at Stamford bridge. They had Barcelona on the ropes at the bridge in that semi final, sheer luck kept Barcelona in it when Chelsea should have had multiple penalties and probably gone through.

The problem has to lie with the swapping of managers. This constant changing of managers has lead to one thing- no clear succession of players. No manager has been given time to plan for the future, let alone bring in new young players and ease them into the team as the old timers wane.

AVB has turned up to the weakest Chelsea squad in a decade. It is simply not his fault for the current situation, i don't think any other manager could do much better. A little maybe, but not much.

If Chelsea want to come back from the brink, slipping outside of the top 4, then AVB needs to be given strong backing with money and time to sweep away the dead wood. Even with a lot of money this will probably take 2 years or more. I think Chelsea need as many as 5 new players, which is amazing. How neglectful they have been in evolving their squad.

He needs to assemble a completely new attack around Sturridge IMO. Lampard is being forced out, and he is 34 in the summer so Chelsea need a world class midfielder sooner rather than later whatever the Lampard situation is. John Terry needs a quality partner alongside him, and a better right back that can actually defend.

AVB needs that 120m rumoured, but i for one suspect he may not get it.

kane_lfc3830d ago

The problem is that there squad is outdated and awful.

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