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Highlights: Arsenal 1-0 Queens Park Rangers (English Premier League - 31/12/11)

1-0 R. Van Persie 60'

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KonohagakureFC3393d ago

RVP! Breaks the record for Arsenal, pity he didn't beat Shearer but 35 in a calender year is pretty damn good stuff

Also once again the officials prove how stupid they are by, how the heck can you the wrong freaken man

KonohagakureFC3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Eh just realised my typo... Last line should read:

"Also once again the officials prove how stupid they are by booking Vermaelen, how the heck can you book the wrong freaken man?"

Stupid touch screen...

Why o why3393d ago

hate when that happens

that yello must be recinded...dumb ass ref

freeduck3393d ago

How soon will RVP get injured again?

Man I haven't seen such a squad so reliant on one player. Half of Arsenal's goals are from this one man.

kane_lfc3393d ago

There's being reliant on a player and then there's Arsenal.

imtiyaz63393d ago

It's true. We've become so reliant on RVP,that the rest of our players have actually forgotten how to score! Walcott's miss was just ridiculous!

imtiyaz63393d ago

Great result. Nice to see Arshavin finally get his confidence back. Ramsey was superb.

no_more_heroes3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

So RVP sets an Arsenal record, but not a league record. I don't think he should be too upset. ;)

I was only able to watch the last 20 minutes of this so I only saw QPR pushing for an equaliser. I don't want to jinx it, but it really does look like we've tightened up at the back, even without full-backs.

Now they just need to marry that with scoring more goals. We simply cannot keep wasting so many chances.