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Platini sceptical on video technology

UEFA president Michel Platini has insisted video technology "is not for football" and that its introduction would rob the game of its popularity.

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Computersaysno3837d ago

Has it robbed the popularity of Cricket, Rugby, Tennis? I am sick of these excuses by FIFA and UEFA.

buddymagoo3837d ago

My opinion is they want to keep it away so they can still allow corruption in the game. No one can tell me that video refs wouldn't stop corruption and dodgy decisions.

They should do it like the tennis. 3 calls for each team.

Computersaysno3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Its not as if it steals away a bunch of decisions from the ref and linesman does it?? Its ONE decision, does the ball cross or not. Its a yes no thing, not a maybe. It doesn't require a human judgement call. Its black and white. I am blown away by the resistance shown to this TBH i can't believe how stubborn they are.

They are probably scared like you say, once this one thing comes in and proves itself to be great and useful and everyone is happy, we will want more technology for offisdes and stuff.

They are krappin themselves they will lose control. Its pathetic and they look weak.

KingPin3836d ago

and how quick is cricket, rugby and tennis to watch.
you cant tell me you find it entertaining and watch a match from start to finish.

i agree we need technology but if they start using it for goal line, people will start nagging for it to be used for offside decision. if that happens, do u know how messed up the game would get.

human error leaves it out for debate and makes soccer controversial and a talking point. how many people discuss cricket and rugby.

so yeah

Anderson83835d ago

its just a bunch of old men who are afraid of change.. they realy should implement the rule that stops people being president for so many terms

Abdou233836d ago

I read somewhere that Blatter said it will be available at 2014.