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Suarez evidence deemed 'unreliable'

The Football Association's independent regulatory commission handed Luis Suarez an eight-match ban for racism as it found his evidence to be "unreliable" and "inconsistent".

The FA released a 115-page document on its website on Saturday evening to explain the decision to punish Suarez for racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra on October 15.

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freeduck3876d ago

The case shouldn't have been the FA to judge it should've been dealt with in an actual court. The FA are only good for card-disputes or ref decisions, but not these legal cases.

No surprise that their evidence is poo because Evra has a history of lying to the FA, Liverpool FC will appeal this garbage.

buddymagoo3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Suarez the cannibal is not the most reliable character. Suarez has a lot worse history like Cheating the last African team out of the world cup. Biting a man on the field of play. Then there is his cheating and lies to get penalties. Evra looks like a saint when compared to Suarez.

kane_lfc3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

3yrs ago FA described Evra as “exaggerated & unreliable”. Today, they effectively label Suarez a racist based entirely on his evidence.

Suarez might of done all that but does he have any history of being a racist? No plus Ghana could of scored the pen, they had there chance its not like he didnt get punished and they didnt get a chance unlike when Henry knocked Ireland out when he handballed it onto Gallas's head...

buddymagoo3876d ago

Henry handball worse than Suarez handball??? You're having a laugh


Kane you are delusional to think that Suarez is more credible than Evra. Suarez is a known cheat and disgusting human being. Flipping fans the bird!!

kane_lfc3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Yes it obviously weren't as bad because Ghana got a chance to score and a penalty which they missed.
As for Ireland they had to accept it and got nothing.

Rooney and G.Nev have both put fingers up before.
How am I delusional? How would know how credible either of them where?

neoragex3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

am watching for the past few weeks commenting on suarez articles.

you are one stubborn c*nt, hope you know that, bringing united-liverpool rivalry on these articles.

Just shut up for one sec and concentrate on your team's performance(losing to a relegation-battling team at home) PATHETIC!

buddymagoo3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )


I have been watching you the last couple of weeks and you only seem to attack Man Utd??? What is your problem? I never see you in the City articles??? You are just pathetic and just spread hate, what a life you must lead.

I'm sorry I just don't stand for racism. Neither should any of you.

NewMonday3875d ago


only disgusting human being here is you and the whore Evra

RedDevils3875d ago

The one that is disgusting are the one that defending the racist bastard

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guigsy3875d ago

It quite clearly states it was dealt with their "independent regulatory commission".

Also, appealing the sentence might result in an increased ban. If anything Liverpool need to stop supporting Suarez or else it will damage the club's image.

TKCMuzzer3875d ago

Call me ignorant but is this the same Suarez who just got a one match ban for giving the finger to the crowd?

He admitted to saying it, it does not matter how many times he said it. He admitted it, it was wrong and he should except it like a man with a full apology.

TKCMuzzer3875d ago


I'm not sure what you were saying but I found your comment to be unacceptable and there fore redundant for any argument you were trying to make.

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kane_lfc3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Suarez said he used it once in a friendly like he did to Yaya Toure who also speaks French and he took no offense.

The experts said if that's true that he said it once and in a unoffensive way then he shouldn't be punished but the fa didn't believe him and they believed Evras accusation of 7 times even though some how no one else heard it being said 7 times.

buddymagoo3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

It's a shame many Liverpool fans don't seem to care about cleaning up racism in our league. To discriminate by colour is the very definition of racist.

kane_lfc3876d ago

We do but we believe he isn't based on the report, when i seen the 8 game ban and the fine, I was expecting full on video evidence which is clear and a few witnesses but instead its just a report where they both contradict each other.

GJ233875d ago

Liverpool fans are the worst there is. Liverpool FC's stance has made things much worse.

No class at all. This is only a small example of what the majority of their fans are saying

NewMonday3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )


yet its ok for Evra to say racism, something he also admitted, and you support him for it.

TKCMuzzer3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

It makes no difference how it is said.

If you are at work and say something you think is a joke but someone else finds it offensive they can legally force a grievance against you in which you could easily be suspended and in theory sacked.

If a person is offended then it is an insult, simple as that.

Also I don't know what experts are saying if he said it once as a joke its ok, because they are wrong. Who is anybody to say whether somebody should be offended or not?

Corepred43875d ago

"Suarez is a known cheat and disgusting human being. Flipping fans the bird!! "

Geez! Just for flipping the bird?! lol wtf were you born to amish people?!? shut up already.