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What a let off...
Now lets just pretend this weekend never happened.

ProjectVulcan3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

The goal was definitely offside but credit to Sunderland they defended brilliantly the entire game, they deserved something from this minimum a draw but i never expected all the points! City would never had time for another attack after this anyway so the game was finishing a draw.

No doubt Mancini will be furious. City's form has stuttered considerably over recent weeks, and now they have to go play Liverpool in two days, United in a week and Liverpool again 3 days after that. Maximum pressure!

Now we have a proper acid test of City's resolve, to see if they can withstand it and go on to win the title or collapse like i believe might very well happen.

no_more_heroes3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Bomboclaat star...

...on another note, at least we can ALL give examples (not just one) of the refs having flipped us the bird in difference making ways.

KonohagakureFC3835d ago

Every week the officials are messing up, it's getting ridiculous...

Looking forward to Liverpool vs City now

GanjaMan3835d ago

Who gives a fuck if its just offside, Sunderland deserved the points and even I was screaming my headoff when he was through on goal, that boys got great feet and that was his sunderland debate!

KonohagakureFC3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Just offside? That linesman cost City a point, a point they might end up needing down the line... Sunderland and City both had chances that they wasted, a draw would've been the right result

mcstorm3834d ago

I love the complaing fans. Yes he was just off side but things like this is what makes football exciting. Yes city may lose the league by a point but it will not just be because of this game it tends to even is self out over the season and i bet there is a goal given for city in one pf the next games thats off side or a free kick you score off that was not a free kick.

Football is a game its not real life you lost get over it. Im a red and the way some united fans have acted over us loseing to blackburn is wrong and makes me laff what some people come out with. Enjoy the sport be happy when you win and be sad when you lose but stop crying about it as its a game.

RedDevils3834d ago

Sunderland got much clearer chances, the one Bendtner should of score, and the Sessegnon one, where as City clear cut one are Richard he head onto the bar all the other shot are main Dzeko blasting over the bar, from what I see there, Sunderland deserve at least a points "if" they taken their chances

KingPin3835d ago


this was a great result for everyone!!!

funny thing is i dont see any of the anti-MUFC supporters here. <yes guys, you know who you are>. had man city won they wouldve been here in their groups.

counting your chickens before they hatch were you :P


Gamer19823835d ago

Erm I am here unless you don't count me as anti MUFC? I guess i'm not really anti MUFC though as I grew up watching them as my step dad supported them and me City (some times were had i tell you in my house!). This weekend was a hangover for all teams and the only ones who took advantage were Liverpool and Arsenal.

buddymagoo3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

You are anti any team that is not Blue.

You will learn that in the race for titles there will be many twists and turns. United fans knows this because we have been through it all in the last 20 years.

Though there is no excuse for City, they had a full strength squad. That didn't have midfielders playing in defence and wingers playing in centre midfield.

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The story is too old to be commented.