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Video that shows FA were wrong (Suarez-Evra case)

Here is video of Evra going down after contact with Suarez. Before you watch it, here are the FA's words:
In the 58th minute of the game, Mr Suarez fouled Mr Evra between the edge of the Manchester United penalty area and the corner flag at the Kop end. It seemed to us to be a deliberate foul, and the referee awarded a free kick. The foul was committed by Mr Suarez kicking Mr Evra on his right knee. Mr Evra explained that he had previously had a bad problem in that knee. He remained on the ground receiving medical treatment for about one minute after the tackle...

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zico3875d ago

FA have made a terrible misstake in this case!!!

buddymagoo3875d ago

Grasping at straws. If you read the case files they had been given video evidence that hadn't been released.

Suarez has been found guilty just move on. It's not like he was a credible character in the first place.

NewMonday3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

biased hippocrate

explain to me why Evra flowd Suarez to the corner whil getting out of position, why did he fall over like he was hit by a truck after Suarez brushed him?

your man was out to get him just admit it.

RedDevils3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

because suarez gave him the racist slur?

Liverpool fans are a joke by trying to defending this racist bastard

NewMonday3875d ago

Evra forced the confrontation and started with the insults and racial slurs. but you defend him because hes your player what dose that make you?

the FA should punish the 2 or non, its the selective treatment that's wrong

Sahil3875d ago

yeah MOVE ON then, stop commenting on these articles.

ProjectVulcan3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Please stop this defence of Suarez, i find it absolutely disgusting. Liverpool fans want to continue destroying their self respect and the club's reputation.

Dirk Kuyt AND Damien Comolli AND Dalglish all confirmed that in response to the foul Suarez's said to Evra "because you are black". They all inadvertantly backed Evra's case up and his version. They spoke to him in various languages, and how can all three be mistaken and every language be in error?

As far as i am concerned anyone now defending Suarez in the face of the report and statements made by his team mates and the director there is making a massive mistake and you should just STOP NOW. Move on.

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kane_lfc3875d ago

Where are you buddymagoo? What do you have to say about this...

buddymagoo3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

I say Suarez admitted using the word Negro, what more do you want?? You lot are just making yourselves look like fools. I'm sure the FA are more competent than you lot.

DavidLuiz43875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

- Whenever You Appear , You Shut Mostly Everyone Crap Up Because Your Usually Right;
Liverpool Can't Accept The Fact That He Did Call Evra a Negro When Saurez Even Said He Did! Trust Me Before You Get On JT Racist Slurbs - Hes Probably Going To Face A Match Ban Too , Hopefully Not But Maybe Because Thats The Fa Decision - Either Deal With Or Not - Can't Do Anything About It.
...Btw The Funny Part ...
Just by Going to every blog I read Buddmango Proves Yall Wrong Haha...

kane_lfc3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

@Buddymagoo The experts said if the term negro was used in friendly way and once it nots classed as offensive and this is what Suarez claimed to have done, he didnt mean any harm but Evra claimed he said it countless of times so they just took one mans story over another without any evidence and again just made an assumption.

Big_Dom3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Fuck off, you clueless, Sky Sports agenda fed tit. The very fact that the FA fucked themselves and their statement by declaring they charged a man on the "probability" is a fucking joke and a disgrace. How can you deem anyone guilty by declaring they "probably" did it and take one man's word over another? This video proves that Evra wasn't kicked, and in fact dove. So, who is telling lies here? Ironic, isn't it? Evra and the FA both telling things like they are fact, yet video evidence PROVES them to be false. Who the credible witness now? Oh, and he used the word "Negrito", which in Uruguay is a cultural term of endearment. There are dozens of famous players the World over that have went by that nickname. The Argentine national squad were recently pictured with a flag that said Negro on the front. Maybe the FA should call a case on them for having racist paraphernalia? The fact is, the FA are a xenophobic, agenda driven corrupt bunch of bastards! They'll brand when it suits them, and defend their precious Engerlund darlings to the hilt. You've swallowed their shite which they've served to you gleefully on a big wooden spoon and you've lapped it up like the Sky Sports, red top reading sheep gobshite you are. Grow a fucking brain. Don't bother trying to write a come-back, because I'll absolutely destroy it.

Anderson83875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

how are you still trying to defend him.. suarez admitted it, durk kuyt gave evidence against him and so did damien comolli.. these are liverpools own players so in what world is he still innocent?

and the translators an players all said that it wasnt friendly and couldnt be interperated that way.. and a lot of the abbuse was in english.. have you even read the report?

Big_Dom3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Dirk Kuyt gave evidence against him? On what fucking planet are you living on, because no such word has been given. Comolli said fuck all either. The club backs him to the hilt simply because there is zero evidence to brand a man a racist. In another other country in the world, or court, this would be laughed at. The FA have fucked up, pure and simple. They'll be taken to the cleaners over this, and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't a fucking ounce about what a proper court and it's laws will say about the matter, and not the joke kangaroo one of the FA.

zeddy3875d ago

that video doesnt show f*ck all im afraid. get over it lfc fans, theres no way that racist can weasel his way out of this one.

NewMonday3875d ago

only racist her are your bunch, Evra insulting Suarez's family and his race is OK with you right because he plays for your team


Wait what am I seeing? The link just takes me to a Liverpool forum filled with scousers talking gibberish (which am not sure is allowed on this site) and the video just shows Suarez fouling Evra during the 58th minute, the racism incident didn't happen till the 63rd minute during a corner which unfortunately isn't in the video.

Posting a forum post from the redandwhitekop site? That really is grasping at straws.

Killzoned3875d ago

WTF? I didn't see nothing in this video?

kane_lfc3875d ago

You need to read the whole story, click the link and read the rest of the piece of text

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