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Highlights: Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-2 Chelsea 2012-02-01 (English Premier League)

54' Ramires 1-0
85' Ward 1-1
89' Lampard 1-2

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crazyturkey3830d ago

Lampard came back to make a statement.

ohahCantona3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Lampard should have been sent off! Lucky Chelsea!

buddymagoo3830d ago

I thought Torres looked really good today like a refreshed man. I'm glad Chelsea got the result today after the press being on their backs.

topgeareasy3830d ago

Chelsea got lucky

/nuff said

buddymagoo3830d ago

That they did, especially because Lampard should have been sent off.

MaximusPrime3830d ago

i noticed that most comments on Goal's facebook praising Torres for helping out Chelsea despite not scoring.

I saw Torres at a match 2 days ago and he was really good. Unlucky on that first shot, hitting the first time seeing him in match :)

i'll be watching match of the day tonight.

buddymagoo3830d ago

Watching the game it seemed like he has got his desire for the ball back. Making runs, chasing the ball. The only thing I would say is he struggled a little with the physicality of the game, which the old Torres would never have.

Mozilla893830d ago

I'm thinking that because Drogba wasn't even a sub eased his mind. As much as I like Drogba I don't think Torres will come good till he's gone. Since we paid 50 mil for him they should just start him for an extended period of time and hope he starts scoring.

buddymagoo3829d ago

I always liked Torres and hope he comes good again. I know in the past fans (like me) have joked about him being a flop but I don't wish bad on the fella. I would happily take him at Old Trafford and hope Sir Alex would work his wonders. I just hope to see in top form again because when he is, he is a delight to watch.

kane_lfc3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

It must be great being a Chelsea fan, knowing you had to scrape a win vs THE MIGHTY WOLVES and that you got beat by Villa 3-1 the other day.

5th place at best for them I think.

I remember when Chelsea where almost impossible to beat now I reckon most people would rather play Chelsea away than Swansea away.

DavidLuiz43830d ago

@Kane_Lfc - Your Below Us , And Think Your There Doing Hardly Any Good?
Yet Liverpool Always has to say something when there the one who can't put them down in there own net...
Face the Fact Your Not Getting No Champions League Football Or Europa , Good luck with Your Best Player Suarez too because I remember when everyone was talking about how Torres is just not him no more , trust me hes going to come back with an surprise this just a heads up - especially how hes been performing lately...

January Were Spending Big -

* Also Any Liverpu**ies Want to Disagree Go Ahead

dcortz20273830d ago

Why can't we all just get along and have a civilized discussion about football/soccer for once.

sokrates3830d ago

Lucky tonight. Won't last for long...

silvacrest3830d ago

if it doesn't last AVB is gone and expect new signings before january ends

also....WTF is essien?? he must have recovered from injury by now

RedDevils3830d ago

even if he recover he won't effective as his one were

silvacrest3830d ago

i disagree, he's been injured numerous times and has come back the same as always, plus you have no proof that hes lost his skill

also i read that he should be in the first team by mid january (according to BBC sport)

AVB and chelsea are struggling now, they wont take a risk on a player that isn't doing well in training and he certainly wouldn't be in the first team either

RedDevils3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Well, I'm not saying he lost all his skills overnight, but he just not as good as he once were, don't get me wrong he still a great player, the worst of him is still better than Mikel but the last time I see him compare to the old Essien is like an off form Essien just my opinion, I also heard too that he'll be back in mid Jan or something, let just hope be the same Essien as we once know

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