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'All goalkeepers make mistakes once in a while,' says struggling De Gea

Goalkeeper David De Gea has revealed the struggles he has faced in adapting to life in the Premier League.

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Abdou233835d ago

I don't think he made a disaster, he still young and he really made wonderful saves more than his mistakes.Leave him alone.

buddymagoo3835d ago

Van Der Sar made a howler against West brom last year. Keepers do it from time time. I feel bad for them because they are under so much pressure.

De Gea is still young and can only learn and get better

ProjectVulcan3835d ago

He is very young to come in and expected to be number 1 for a club like Manchester United. He faces a steeply angled learning curve where every mistake will come under maximum scrutiny in the press- something few keepers 21 years of age must face. Hopefully he can cope with this.

Goalkeeping is one of those positions where experience counts for a lot. You can have natural talent as a goalkeeper but the position absolutely requires you to have experience to be the best.

As long as he keeps playing and developing in a couple years he can be solid for the club.

Killzoned3835d ago

He's made some wonderful saves but been a disappointment so far. But I don't think he'll get worst, Maybe his adjustment to the UK needs a little bit more time I'd say.