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Mancini apologises for gesture

Roberto Mancini apologised for brandishing an imaginary card at the referee after Martin Skrtel had brought down Yaya Toure in the box late on in Manchester City's 3-0 victory over Liverpool.

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Blackdeath_6633872d ago

i dont see where the problem is... he thought it was a booking and he let his feelings be knowen i dont see anything wrong with that

Gamer19823871d ago

Indeed foreign players do it all the time from all teams including united players. I don't like to see it but if the player was last man he should have been sent off if the ref gave a penalty. Whats worse though is the bully tactics clubs like united use like surrounding the ref trying to get a man sent off. It rarely works anymore but thats a lot worse than this. so I should say I am surprised budymagoo put shocking but i'm not I don't think he actually watches united games.