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Suarez statement: In my country, negro doesn't show any lack of respect

Suarez statement.

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dcortz20274282d ago

Negro in spanish is the color black, non offensive. It's not like negro in english which is ment to be offensive. For example, la pluma negra = the black pen in spanish. Maybe Suarez is innocent after all. They probably just misunderstood what he said.

Anderson84280d ago

i dunno maybe there was a degree of ignorance but even the translators said it cant be deemed as 'playful' or in a manner other than offensive i think hes just trying to save his image

guigsy4281d ago

Well he's not in Uruguay, he's in England. Ignorance is not an excuse.

buddymagoo4281d ago

To be honest, I don't understand why Suarez needed to define Evra by race in the first place with good or bad intentions.

Yi-Long4281d ago

... just like you would call someone 'blondie', or 'red', or 'chubs', or whatever.

Where he grew up, it does not have a RACIST meaning. Here, we seem to be oversensitive so we deem it racist.

Let me be clear about this: I'm very much against REAL racism, and if he had used the 'other' N-word, I would have fully agreed with the punishment, but this just seems like a cultural misunderstanding and alot over overreaction.

buddymagoo4281d ago

If you drive 150mph on the autobahn in Germany it is ok. If you drive 150mph on the motorway in England you will be jailed.

Ignorance is no excuse.

NewMonday4281d ago

Defining by race is not wrong

discrimination by race is wrong

Suarez apologized if he was misunderstood

He rejected the charge of intentionally using racial slurs

proudly_X4281d ago

Negro is Offensive... I thought he knew Evra by name, if he wanted to call him why didn't he do that by his name?? what a duchebage this chap is.. Ignorance is no Excuse

Corepred44281d ago

No it's not. Quit being ignorant yourself.

Killzoned4281d ago

It's NOT? LOOOOOOOL delete your account NOW

Corepred44281d ago

Negro is not offensive. Your opinion does not equal fact. delete my account? now thats funny. make me. that's right, it's the internet. pshh! lol

NewMonday4281d ago

Negro in America "née- grow" connected to slave history

Negro in Spanish " neg-row" is mainstream word for " black" , many spanish use it as a family name, like "Pablo Negro"

Killzoned4280d ago

Negro is not offensive? Try playing a friendly football match against some black guys and say wassup Negro & see what happens

Anderson84280d ago

its offensive depending on your part of the world or the connotations its used in.. you say opinion doesnt equal fact yet act like your opinion is

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shadowraiden4281d ago

another load of bullshit statement its not what was said but the context that it was said in. also he aint in Uruguay

OldParr4281d ago

I'm glad about the punishment; he is not setting a good example for the children out there that loves the sport.

kane_lfc4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Rooney is though with the fa thinking its ok to kick someone and they can get away with it.

Anderson84280d ago

racial abuse and kicking some1 in a football game are not even close to being the same.. also didnt rooney get a 2game ban for that?

kane_lfc4280d ago

The fa must of thought it was ok if they appealed it also Suarez isnt a racist.

Infernostew4280d ago

The guy who Rooney kicked helped Rooney get the ban reduced. I don't think Evra feels that Suarez had a misunderstanding otherwise he would have probably helped Suarez out.

OldParr4280d ago

I never said he was a racist; I just said that I'm glad about the punishment. It will avoid future confrontations and misunderstandings w/e you think is Ok for you it might not be Ok for another person and people must learn how to respect that. This is a good example to teach children about manners and how you should approach a person; my mother gave me a name for a reason. If you don't know it, you just have to ask. it is that simple.