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Fergie wants Frank! And Chelsea legend Lampard is ready to talk to United

Sir Alex Ferguson is considering a sensational move for unsettled Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard.
Sportsmail understands Lampard would not be averse to a switch to Old Trafford.

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I like how the article makes it known that this is a 'Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE'
Yeah you're damn right its an 'EXCLUSIVE', only the twats at The Daily Mail could of thought of this bullshit.

MaximusPrime3833d ago

(Reuters) - Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has dismissed speculation that he was considering signing Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard in the January transfer window.

buddymagoo3832d ago

Great player and would have taken him at 30 but 33 is getting a bit on a bit. We already have Grandpa Giggs.

zeddy3833d ago

he's 33, this would be a massive shock and if it did happen. i hope it doesnt as it would be a quick fix and we need a permanent fix.

kane_lfc3833d ago

Apparently Fergie asked the Glazers for funds for a big midfielder...literally :P

buddymagoo3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

We spent 50m in the summer you goon.

Lampard would be mad to come to United he will get a bucket load of cash from a 10 year testimonial game in the summer. The only way he would leave is if AVB wanted him out of the way during his rebuilding process.

buddymagoo3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Why are not commenting on you lot beating Oldham??? Are you sure you are a Liverpool fan??? You would rather comment here than your own teams article, you're strange!

Edit: @Below, Do you even support Liverpool???

kane_lfc3833d ago

I was joking, I said Fergie asked for a BIG midfielder but they literally got him a big one as in Lampard because hes fat Frank...jesus.

Mozilla893832d ago

But he's not really fat...

buddymagoo3832d ago

Yeah, I never understood that label. Frank has always been in great shape and it's funny because I find it's most of the fatties that call him fat.

silvacrest3832d ago

hes not fat, i've only ever heard one stupid troll call him fat...