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Highlights: Liverpool FC 5-1 Oldham Athletic (FA Cup - 06/01/11)

Simpson 28' 0-1
Bellamy 30' 1-1
Gerrard 45'(pen) 2-1
Shelvey 68' 3-1
Carroll 89' 4-1
Downing 95' 5-1

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freeduck3827d ago

Nice to see Carroll and Downing scoring a goal and they played well tonight. But again it is against Oldham, let's see how they play against City next week.

buddymagoo3827d ago

Oldham played really well first half and if it weren't for that soft penalty they could have got at least a draw.

HxCGamer3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

gerard's penalty scores are sick!!!!

perfect placement everytime

freeduck3827d ago

Wouldn't mind a draw against this team, really. Just gives us more games for the younger LFC players.

Oldham had a solid start, but they were outclassed after they conceded the first goal. Goal keeper made 2 brilliant saves, and Carroll missed a sitter. Scoreline could've been higher so I think a 5-1 result is rather generous.

Good luck against City, they will field their strongest team (except without the Toure brothers)

buddymagoo3827d ago

I have a feeling the Toure brothers will play. Either way us United fans can't hope for much having important players missing and some just getting their fitness back.

kane_lfc3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

If we get beat I want us to get beat 2-0 so we only have to score 1 to win at Anfield.

Also the Ivory Coast rejected there request to keep the Toure brothers for longer so they wont play against you.

RedDevils3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I don't get why Reina is like the only Liverpool keeper or something, why can't they used a reserve keeper against a team like this, I heard Doni was injured, but isn't there a keeper that is capable to play, what happen if Reina get Injured?

freeduck3826d ago

Doni isn't injured. He was bought because there was a fear that Reina's injury last summer would extend into the season, but that was not the case so he is just on the bench most of the games.

While I agree that he should've played this game, Kenny states that he wants to always field a strong team in the cup games.