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NewMonday3983d ago

wasting time vs 10 men

they get the result but still come out looking like losers, it shows , slur Alex had a full red face to match his nose. :D

Kos-Mos3983d ago

You`re a loser in this society. The society doesn`t need you.

buddymagoo3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

The bitters are out in full force! Are these bitters even City fans??? Mwua ha ha ha!


neoragex3983d ago

"City down to 10men for 80mins and lose 2-3, united down to 10men for 45mins and lose 6-1, that puts the result into perspective."

RedDevils3983d ago

Sound like you're a sore looser :)

ProjectVulcan3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

United were poor in the second half. Disjointed. City might feel good but it was more important for United that they got the result any which way. After the two games they had United will not be pleased with the manner of the performance...but when they relax they will remember the result and City being beaten at the Etihad for the first time in a year.

So City put up an admirable fight which was aided by a slack United. This may help City in the Premier league.

Both teams come out of the game with positives i think- whereas United should have ensured City were punished badly.

United will take the end result just because they needed something positive after the past couple weeks with the rumours and league results. I would take the F.A cup win, Manchester United have not won the cup in quite a long time now and if City manage to win the league, the cup would be some consolation.

NewMonday3983d ago



HA! funny thing is people always say that BEFORE THEY DIE!

badz1493983d ago

some of you guys here are so retarded! winning IS WINNING! no matter how big the scoreline is but Utd still came out on top! it wouldn't have made any difference if it's 1-0 or 3-2 or even 5-0 for god sake! the winning side goes through and the losing side, well yeah, no cup FA cup for them this year!

this must of been hard for City too because they beat Utd for the final last year and this year they lost in the 3rd round against Utd!

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Out of curiosity, who do you support neo?

kane_lfc3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

@Cybersnake every team in the Prem has a better keeper than you.

De Gea makes Al Habsi look like Buffon.

Fuck of saying United never die, it makes you look like a cunt Buddymagoo

buddymagoo3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

We have had to put up with all the bitters, just let them keep showing their passion for United.

They all come out woodwork before the United fans have chance to comment. The only reason why this one was approved over mine was because of the bitters, Sahil and his goons.

Great result! We'll never die, we'll never die! We keep the red flag flying high because Man Utd NEVER DIE!


Kane I've never seen you so angry over a result that absolutley doesn't concern you.

Infernostew3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Kane, why are you bringing up De Gae? He wasn't even playing today! I've called you out on trashing De Gae before when he wasn't even on the bench for a match. He's a young keeper with great potential. He's got a long career ahead of him but he's going to make some mistakes along the way. That's the risk you have to take to mold a young keeper to world class and Fergie was willing to take the risk.

Killzoned3983d ago

Kane being a little faggot. If it was liverpool today he'd be crying like a little bitch he is

mcstorm3982d ago

Wow City fans need to look at them slefs. United won and were winning when you had 11 men. Yes you pulled 2 goals back but you needed to score 3 for a draw and 4 for the win and you did not get any.

The ref was right to give out a red as the rule states a 2 footed tackle is a red. Yes he did not get nani but if nani had not pulled out of the tackle it would of hurt or even broken the players leg. There was no need to go in with 2 feet at the end of the day.

City have yet to win the league and you are talking as if it is over all ready. You are 3 points clear of a so call worst ever United side and this is supposed to be the best ever City side yet they have 1 cup to there name and are not in the champions league.

As for De Gea he has not had the best start to the season but if people stop and look back at big Peter he had a bad start to his time at United and look what happened there. Give him 12 to 18 months work in the Gym and to get the hang of the English game and he will be another world class keeper.

I am a United fan and I am happy city are up there going for the league with us because it adds an extra buzz to the league but the way City fans are talking at the moment they need to grow up. The season is far from over we have won 2 out of the 3 games we have played against each other this year and we are only 3 points behind you with alot of big names out and a so called week squad. Face it we will run you all they way to the end and if you dont win the league this year what will be you excuse then? We are rebuilding another Squad city have spent millions on this team but if they dont win anything yet again its money wasted.

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guigsy3983d ago

Bitter blue, just take the result like a grown up rather than a little cry baby.

zeddy3983d ago

dont see how the 2nd goal was lindegaards fault, its all he could do with the shot, it just looked bad.

GJ233983d ago

If people can blame Lindegaard for that they should blame the city keeper for the rebound off the penalty. They are very similar really

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no_more_heroes3983d ago

I absolutely called this result this morning. If I were a betting man I would have put money on it and won.

KonohagakureFC3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Every week I seem to be criticizing refs for stupid decisions but Chris Foy takes the cake... Way to ruin the match Mr. Foy

Infernostew3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

He was equally bad across the board. He botched some big calls but he also got a ton of smaller calls completely wrong. Not a good day for that crew and they'll be getting a lot of criticism in the papers tomorrow.

RedDevils3983d ago

he was shit for the Spurs vs Chelsea game too

Anderson83983d ago

true.. I watched the Manchester Derby on my own today. Didn't have any Kompany

buddymagoo3983d ago

Come on lads great result. I see all the bitters are out in force. Two footed tackle is always a red card and we should have had another penalty!


kane_lfc3983d ago

Congrats. You beat there 2nd team.

Kos-Mos3983d ago

I love you and United, because we are United!

neoragex3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

just seen the Kompany tackle for the first time. If that's a red card, then they might as well ban slide tackling from the game all together. Fucking disgrace of a decision. Not surprised either, though.

You are a pathetic little twat.

wait for a few weeks and some championship side will knock you out again.

neoragex3983d ago

"I love you and United, because we are United!"


GanjaMan3983d ago

HAHAHHA was thinking the same thing, he sounds so queer

GJ233983d ago

Not happy with just being racist, woman-beaters you gotta be homophobic as well?

Infernostew3983d ago

That was definitely not their 2nd team, Kane. They were suffering from injuries up front but were have injuries in the back. Both line ups were pretty even.

Gamer19823983d ago

Hart was on the bench, Toure brothers both gone, Mario are most in form strikers out as is Dzeko and Silva wasn't fit enough to play a full game. Even Hargreaves came on thats how short City were. Even with only half a team though we could have levelled it with 10 men and thats a scary thought for any united fan who actually realises this and doesn't wear red tinted goggles. The league is Citys to lose.

kane_lfc3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Chris Foy was an apsolute disgrace.

Well atleast the harder teams out the FA cup because I would much rather play united than City and Kompanys banned for both legs of the carling cup semi final vs us.

The match was basically 13 men against 10 men.

I hope you United fans are happy to have cheated through to the 4th round like you have done for the past 2 seasons now.

Fergie Says: Well Done My Boy Well Done.

Gamer19823983d ago

Agreed in one sense the strongest team did lose however Kompanys ban will probably get rescinded. The united fans will never see Ref mistakes (well if you can call it a mistake looked very dubious) when they go there way even massive ones like this. They have won trophies on bad decisions so there used to them going there way.

kane_lfc3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

It wont get rescinded because it was 2 footed, he had his studs up and if Nani hadnt of jumped he would of broken his leg(s) so you wont get it appealed because it was dangerous.

Anderson83983d ago

blah blah blah.. stop complaining there where bad decisions on both sides... an we have you in the next round so at least then your team will be involved so you'll have reason to feel so aggrieved when we beat you

guigsy3983d ago

Your name should be kane_abu, cause it seems like you hate United more than you support Liverpool.

KingPin3983d ago


to summarize what you said is that city spent 250 million pounds and still cant win shit!! :P


you must sit in front your tv for 90 mins coming up with excuses and reasons why you lost :P

LMAO wakkakakakakakaka

zeddy3983d ago

kane_lfc you seem to have contradicted yourself, first you say "Chris Foy was an apsolute disgrace" then you say "It wont get rescinded because it was 2 footed, he had his studs up and if Nani hadnt of jumped he would of broken his leg(s) so you wont get it appealed because it was dangerous"

make your mind up.

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