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Highlights: Arsenal 1-0 Leeds United (FA Cup 3rd Round - 09/01/12)

1-0 T. Henry 78'

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GanjaMan3572d ago

init mate but was wishing he did his famous celebration of sliding on his knees

NewMonday3572d ago

at his age his knees would crack :p

dcortz20273572d ago

He's back home. Great performance by Thierry Henry! He's always a pleasure to watch and is a soccer/football legend!

buddymagoo3572d ago

Poor performance by Arsenal, Leeds could have stole this and had the better chances. Henry still a legend though.

Blackdeath_6633572d ago

had the better chances? i have to strongly disagree. leeds didnt threaten at all apart from a couple half hearted attemps at scoring.

KonohagakureFC3572d ago

He's still got it! Great finish

guigsy3572d ago

Great finish, typical Henry goal that.

MaximusPrime3572d ago

That was special.

The atmosphere must be mental.

Great goal, Leeds obviously tried to stop Henry, no let-off for him.

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The story is too old to be commented.