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Ranma13379d ago

Might as well ban slide tackling

buddymagoo3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Well they have banned two footed flying tackles and rightly so.

zeddy3379d ago

slide tackling is fine, its when a player raises his foot at that height and at that speed.

Infernostew3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

3 for the straight red card. 1 for the appeal fail. This is nothing new.

RedDevils3378d ago

Wrong, that extra ban was not because he fail the appeal is because he have 2 red in a season

Infernostew3378d ago

Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

neoragex3378d ago

It was like Utd wanted City's player of the season to miss 4 games, So they called up Dear FA.

KingPin3378d ago

LMAO still with the conspiracy theories.

MUFC gets easy teams in Local competitions - FA fixed it.
MUFC gets an "easy" champs league group - UEFA fixed it.
MUFC wins matches - Refs fixed it

lol i guess in your eyes Barca are the ONLY football club in the WORLD that can win trophies on their own.

BTW - the F.A, FIFA, UEFA etc didnt make up the 2-footed-challenge-straight-re d rule because of this challenge. its been there for decades now.

Kos-Mos3378d ago

Do you really, I mean REALLY think so?

buddymagoo3378d ago


One to talk, Barca are always a man up against Madrid and need I remind you of a certain semi final in the Champions league against Chelsea.