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Police find 29 bags of cannabis hidden at Rio's restaurant

Daily Mail- A chef from Rio Ferdinand's restaurant in Manchester has been cautioned after police said they discovered of 29 bags of cannabis in a staff locker.

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GanjaMan3973d ago

lol he's only been cautioned and he had 29bags? If that was in America he would be straight in custody and then most likely Jail + dailyfail don't seem to realize weed went up to Class B a few years ago and isn't Class C still.

Anderson83973d ago

not enough to get any time for over here there still lenient with it

GanjaMan3973d ago

Yh I know i live here in England mate, me, a few mates and a dealer got pulled over like 5 or 6 months ago and we were all baked, just finished hotboxing the car and stunk of weed and all they did was searched us all found a baggy on my mate (i had myn ballbagged) and took it and didn't even search the car where the dealer hid a half ounce. The feds don't care about weed as much as they do with other drugs!