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Come and get me: Hazard gives green light to United

Daily Mail- Chelsea and Manchester United have been given a major boost in their pursuit of Eden Hazard after he let it be known he would be interested in a move to the Barclays Premier League.

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GJ233382d ago

Would be a brilliant addition to any team. With most big clubs interested i think Lille will start a bidding war though meaning Fergie wont pay over the odds for him.

kane_lfc3382d ago


buddymagoo3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

We make 110m a year PROFIT you mug. We could buy your club in with 3 years worth of profit!

1 year profit 110m x 3 years = 330m

330m = Liverpool FC

kane_lfc3382d ago

Never mind that mate, concentrate on paying of your £400million debt.

ProjectVulcan3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Never mind telling United they can't afford him when blatantly they could, concentrate on your own striker problems. Norwich have outscored Liverpool this season FFS. Liverpool need someone like Hazard more than Manchester United do.

Personally I think Hazard is a classy player but i think United need someone slightly different. I wouldn't exactly complain if he walked in the door at Old Trafford however.

Are you annoyed or something that United and Chelsea are linked to this quality guy instead of wasting their money rushing in and buying mediocre players for outrageous fees? I feel sorry for you.

GJ233382d ago

Another dumb comment? You're on a roll tonight.

United have plenty of money for players just Sir Alex has a policy of not paying over the odds for a player and not being held for ransom over demands.

This policy helps him not signing hopeless players for extortionate amounts of money, players like Carroll, Adam, Downing and Henderson.

dcortz20273381d ago

Wow, you really do hate Manchester United don't you? Haha! Try harder please.

Anderson83381d ago

concentrate on finishing higher than mid table.. with all these draws you'll neva make the champions league again...

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Anderson83381d ago

would be a great signing though i dunno how we'll pull it of as he seems grossly overpriced an i though he wanted to go to spain

ProjectVulcan3381d ago

I think United need someone like Gotze, Lucas or Eriksen. However as they are all very young and exciting talents, they will never be had for cheap. This is football though. If United want a top class creative midfielder then they will have to pay through the nose to get it. World class attackers are usually expensive.

United have paid big before for them but it didn't work out with Veron, so having been burnt they are less likely to splash there.

Anderson83381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

twoof them would be nice.. but we dont realy have the funds for it