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zeddy3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

it was 3-0 but it should have been a lot more, really frustating we kept it to 1-0 for a long time and allowing them back in the game. everyone will be talking about scholes but valencia was the best player on the pitch by far.

buddymagoo3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Valencia always plays really well with Rafael, they have a great understanding down that right wing.

Welbeck is looking like a real star, so happy he is Mancunian. Scholes at 37 is still the best midfielder in the premiership.

Carrick has finally learnt how to pass the ball in the net Lampard/Gerrard style. A bit late mind.

With everyone coming back to fitness we can make a late push for the title and number 20 will soon be ours!


kane_lfc3819d ago

''Scholes at 37 is still the best midfielder in the premiership'' >_<

kane_lfc3819d ago

Hes not though...he couldn't tackle and he has the pace of a 80 yr old...

GJ233819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

@ kanelfc

"he couldn't tackle"

Did you see him play today? brilliant tackling. He never was the best at tackling in the past but never really had to work on it since he usually had Butt, Keane, Fletcher, Ince or Robson who usually had more a defensive role to play to make up for it.

"he has the pace of a 80 yr old"

Are you kidding? Never been the fastest player in the league, but he has the intelligence, footballing knowledge and positioning to make up for it.

Who is better than Scholes in the midfield in the EPL?

kane_lfc3819d ago

Well lets just say he wouldn't get into any top 7 teams starting 11.

GJ233819d ago

Typical Liverpool fan. Completely devoid of footballing knowledge or intelligence.

Are you seriously gonna say that Scholes wouldnt walk into the liverpool midfield at Henderson's expense?

ProjectVulcan3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Solid win. Now the attention turns to City. They could have done with having more of a test on Monday night after their bad run of games- Wigan are rock bottom.

Still stranger things have happened, and City may start to get panicky if they are not leading after an hour.

Next weekend is massive for the Manchester clubs, Arsenal away for United which will be a stern test, while City have Spurs at home. Can't wait for those two.

RedDevils3819d ago

Player like schole doesn't need pace, because dictate the pace of the game, if he can pass 60+ yard why would he need to run

NewMonday3819d ago

hat's off to Scholes

at 37 suddenly coming back from retirement and lifting the team, you have to respect that.

Anderson83819d ago

great win and it should have been more.. rooney needs to work on his penalties he misses way too many

scholsey is still class and altho hes still one of the best he aint the best in the prem anymore.. great to see him scoring again tho

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Infernostew3819d ago

Rooney probably could have had a hat trick but at least he supplied both goals.

Mozilla893819d ago

I read on BBC that Welbeck was injured. How bad was it?

GJ233819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

On MUTV Sir Alex said "he had a little twist, but he should be ok"

buddymagoo3819d ago

Phew! Every time he gets on the ball he looks dangerous.

GJ233819d ago

The entire team seems to play better with Welbeck on the pitch. Same goes for Smalling as well when he plays. Does he still have tonsillitis?

RedDevils3819d ago

Welbeck is awesome, his work rates remind me of Rooney, he even comeback and help the defense out frequently. Valencia is MOTM imo

Kos-Mos3819d ago

Scholes is back. It`s all about being United.

kane_lfc3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Welbeck went down like a sack of bricks into an ocean...what a disgraceful dive.

Scholes the dirty c*nt with his awful tackling ability AS PER USUAL, SHOULD OF BEEN SENT OF.

GJ233819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

You're not even trying anymore are you?

Try trolling harder next time. You are a disgrace to football.

RedDevils3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Stop sounding like a looser go back to liverpool story and comment about Carroll brilliant goal, and Downing amazing Crosses

Killzoned3819d ago

ANDY CARROLL!! How many chances has he had? LMAO YOU'RE PISSED! How many draws and boring games is Looserpool going to have? ANDY CARROLL!!

ANDY CARROLL!! I need to say no more KEKEKEKE

kulka3818d ago

relax Carroll should not be an issue of your concern I still have faith in him but players around him need to step up how does he suppose to score if he's there on his own against 3 defenders ?

Anderson83819d ago

so u are just here to troll then..

Kos-Mos3818d ago

It`s always welcome to have a supporter from a different team to discuss with and have small quarrels with. But this fella have reached rock bottom over the last months with his comments. You are always welcome to change your attitude so I will not ignore you yet.
Do behave.

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mcstorm3819d ago

Wow United fans really bug me. We lost two games and i was all we need a midfield player and SAF should be sacked but this week its we are going to win the league again. Ive been a red all my life and never once questioned SAF as wha he has dodne to the club in 25 years will never be done again by anyone. We have been spoilt by saf with ehat we have won but for some reason fans sart to panic when we lose a game. People keep saying tthis is the worst united side under saf yet we are join top or if city win on monday 3 point behind them still in the fa cup and its been our best start to a league for a long time.

We all know united get better in the 2nd half of the season a d in he 1st half we have had players out and we are still in for a stab at he league and fa cup. No oher manager in he league could do what saf has done with his team so far this season.

Good win today boys and lets kick on and hope wigan put up a fight on monday against citys over paid boys. In SAF we rust United we stand.

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