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Mancini frustrated City won't get him De Rossi

Roberto Mancini fears Manchester City’s title bid is being undermined by the club’s refusal to hand him more transfer cash.

The City boss is becoming ­increasingly frustrated after being told by the club’s hierarchy that the need to meet Financial Fair Play Regulations means he will be ­unable to address his concerns over a lack of squad depth in the transfer window.

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ProjectVulcan3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Waa waa waa i spent 300 million and i am so upset my squad has no depth.....

Frankly all this talk smells like excuses. It smells like someone really under pressure and feeling it big time. I know the guy has won titles elsewhere before but the psychological pressure applied in England by the press and managers and the owners the club has is something Mancini may not have been expecting.

Chelsea won more spending less and they did it faster too. For Mancini to complain about his squad and not being given the money might make a fair few people quite pleased- welcome to the real world now. Fantasy football is over. Be a manager again.

GJ233909d ago

Mankini's cracking up

Gamer19823908d ago

Chelsea have spent more and a lot more too http://www.transferleague.c... so get your facts right and they bought there players when players were cheaper too as inflation has pushed players over the edge. Jealousy doesn't become you.

ProjectVulcan3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Chelsea's net spend is only 15 million more than City's as of now- but i was clearly referring to the time when Chelsea won the league twice by 2006. THINK before you just jump in with a comment.

They hadn't spent anything like as much at that point to win back to back titles (so i stand by my comment that Chelsea won more spending less) and then another a little later coupled with a bunch of FA cups....not to mention champions league finalists and the league cups to go with it.

Abramovich took over in June 2003, within 3 years Chelsea were back to back league winners having spent a lot less than City and possessing at that time better squad. It is now three and half since City were taken over and they have one FA cup, out the champions league, possibly going out the league cup and Mancini is fretting about just winning one title and having a small squad. Theres some facts for you. I would dare say if City do not walk this title after going out all these competitions then they have been a major failure.

You didn't hear Mourinho moaning about not having a good enough squad because although Chelsea spent big, they had spent it better as well.

City and Mancini are pathetic if they think they can't win the league with the money they have spent. Hilarious to see him whingeing about this.

XboxInnovation3909d ago

Look at Tottenham, that is how you run a club!

Gamer19823908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

5th highest spenders in the pl and no titles yeah thats how you run a club right? You dont know what your talking about. They spent more than Arsenal since the PL started and look at the differnce.

kane_lfc3908d ago

Tottenham havent won a thing since the Premier league started yet they have spent more than Arsenal...and only a few million lesson than Man UTD and Liverpool >_<

Gamer19823908d ago

He never said he wants De Rossi the papers trying to cover the fact they keep banging on hes getting him and we still havnt signed him yet. But while FFP should be a problem UEFA has said for first few years they will just fine teams instead of ban them so if City really needed players to win the title they could just pay the fines. Chelsea seem to be doing that as they definetly wont make FFP with there mass purchases this year.