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Highlights: Swansea 3-2 Arsenal (English Premier League - 15/01/12)

5' Van Persie 0-1
16' Sinclair (Penalty) 1-1
57' Dyer 2-1
69' Walcott 2-2
70' Graham 3-2

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buddymagoo3818d ago

Swansea played really well. Allen would be a steal for any top 4 club!

ProjectVulcan3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Why doesn't Wenger at least give Swansea some credit? It is always disappointing to see him moaning constantly after games like this. He knows they should have won this game but starts pointing out decisions why they couldn't even get a point.

Just give Swansea some credit, they played very well and deserved the result.

RedDevils3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Swansea outplayed Arsenal simple, Arsenal's what can I say, if they play like this next week Tony V and Nani will tear them apart

Anderson83817d ago

they basically did what barca normally do to arsenal in the first half swansea had 63% possession... surely wenger should start dropping arshivan and play miyachi or chamberlain instead.. hes useless

Gamer19823818d ago

Arsenal are gonna be lucky to get 4th this year I find it hilarious that either them or Chelsea are gonna lose the 4th spot and if Arsenal do they will lose RVP no doubt.

3817d ago