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Mancini: City have been hit hard

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini thinks that only European champions Barcelona could cope with the huge number of absentees that the club have to deal with at present.

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Infernostew3823d ago

Boohoo! Now you're stuck with some of your world class bench boys. What hard luck! What midfielders has City had to use in defense to cope with injuries? Which reserve boys did they need to call up to fill in for hurt players? Just because you have to start Milner, Johnson, Lescott and Nasri doesn't mean that you're in an injury crisis!

ProjectVulcan3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Moan Moan Moan. He is clearly talking absolute nonsense. City have had minimal injuries or missing players up to this point. Manchester United and Arsenal have both this season had as many as 10 senior squad players unavailable through injury. Manchester United in particular have suffered serious long term blows, Fletcher, Vidic, Cleverley, Anderson and Owen have each been out for several months at a time. Young will be out for at least 6 weeks too. They have done incredibly well considering this.

Please for the love of God shut up Mancini, the owners don't want to give you any more money, City have already blown enough to buy other clubs in their entirety like Liverpool F.C! He bought the Toures knowing full well they would play in the Africa cup of nations at some point. His bench has usually been filled with players that cost 15 million and upwards. The two 'backup' defenders and midfielder he played last night instead of Toure, Kompany and Richards cost the club over 35 million quid.

Moaning Mancini.

buddymagoo3823d ago

He is just trying to cover up being a bad manager. Seriously any top 6 manger would have won the league and still be in the champions league with the money he has spent.

buddymagoo3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

lol, Ahh... so not a Man United fan but a Man City fan are you!? You that desperate??? Is that what it feels like being 7th?

This being an injury ravaged season for us (see vulcan above,) I'm just happy we have kept within 3 points and still have a great chance to win the league.

KingPin3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

lol kane

250 MILLION POUNDS later and all they can brag about is 3 points.

you don't even have to read that out loud to see how ridiculous it sounds.

it actually makes Man City look like bigger losers

kane_lfc3821d ago

So Man U have never spent money? I would say the Man u squad is close to £250mil.