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Agent - Hulk is value for money

An £83million (€100m) buyout clause represents value for money for Porto star striker Hulk, according to his agent.

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kulka3971d ago

83 million is not even close to his true valuation 30 million max for him

Ninjamonkey823971d ago

Wouldn't pay £25 million for him and even at that it would be a risk, thee lads are to easily unsettled in the PL and tbh, Its all about the money.

lets go back to a day where people loved to play football and not spend the money ey.

Better off going down the park and watching the kids kick the ball around least you know they are enjoying the game in its true form.

freeduck3971d ago

He's worth no more than 20-25 million.
Given his strength though, I could see him thriving in the EPL.
Tony Pulis has dreams of him every night.