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Adidas ditch Liverpool for failing them on the pitch

Liverpool have been branded a failure by kit suppliers Adidas in a bitter war of words.

The club have announced a new £25million deal with a rival firm, but only after Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer revealed his company had refused to renew their agreement because the money Liverpool demanded did not match their performance on the pitch.

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freeduck3814d ago

Their loss.

Liverpool's new deal = more $$$ for the club

Not bothered at all. I like the new direction of the club by the new owners. Positive future, so many things have changed in 1 year things can only get better

ProjectVulcan3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Liverpool's shirt rights were expensive compared to others for their performances the past 2 years. They are selling the rights based on how many shirts can be sold which is a lot, but Adidas are trying to buy based on them also having no european football Adidas knowing the Liverpool 'brand' was not really growing like others.

Liverpool get a good increase from a relative unknown so its alright for them. They will have more shirt money than Manchester United- at least until United renegotiate their Nike deal soon which will shove up their shirt deal a lot too.

kane_lfc3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

We have no CL but we where still the 4th best kit sellers last season with only Man U, Barca and Real beating us who are the 3 biggest clubs in the world.