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Real Madrid's Pepe could face sanctions for stamping on Lionel Messi's hand

Jose Mourinho warned Real Madrid defender Pepe could face punishment for stamping on Lionel Messi's hand in Wednesday's 2-1 Copa del Rey loss to Barcelona.

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RGB3906d ago

I've supported Pepe throughout, but after this incident he doesn't deserve the shirt anymore. He needs to move on.

krazykombatant3905d ago

Good, he lost every last bit of respect from me when he stepped on messi's hand. Completely disgusting.

Ninjamonkey823905d ago

Nothing new from players that play under José Mourinho. Sometimes i think he coaches dirty tactics before he teaches football. But ey hes won things with it people wont raise an eye brow against it even if he sticks a finger in your eye :/.

Nes_Daze3905d ago

I've always seen Pepe as an undisciplined defender,and they should also take a look at what Coentrao did. These guys just can't play disciplined football.

krazykombatant3905d ago

lol so he shoved messi's head? whats the problem there?

Nes_Daze3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

lol, yeah the portuguese aren't so fond of Messi for some reason, I mean I think he's portuguese.

On a serious note, there'snNo problem at all, neither was there a problem with Mourinho poking a Barca staff in the eye, or Marcelo's tackle on Fabregas a while back, etc.

I don't know, but I would hate to see the team I support stoop down to that level. It gives a bad rep to good players on that team, such as Higuain, Benzema, Kaka, hell even Ronaldo. If they played more disciplined, it would only improve their chances.