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Dalglish - Heads will roll

Furious Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has threatened some of his players with the chop after accusing them of showing a lack of respect in a 3-1 defeat at Bolton.

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kane_lfc4153d ago

Its his own fault for buying rubbish...

krazykombatant4153d ago

loool how far has liverpool fallen for their days of old. It'll be a long time before this team gets back in the top 4, let alone win the premier league.

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asmith23064153d ago

35 million on Carroll. Theres your problem.

freeduck4153d ago

That was actually one of Carroll's better games this season

I don't like to blame results on a particular player, it's the entire team that is on the pitch. Kenny has to change the mentality of some of these players. As he said, simply showing up at the Rebok will not yield 3 pts. The players were probably taking it easy for the next 2 games (city, utd) which is pretty disrespectful as KK states. If LFC doesn't get top 4 this season then it's not Kenny's fault but some of the players let the club down.
Enrique, Suarez, Bellamy, Henderson, Coates = good signings
Okay signing, need more time = Downing
Bad signings = Adam, Carroll

RufustheKing4153d ago

It looks like kenny is trying to shift the blame TBH. King Kenny should have stayed retired.

freeduck4153d ago

Look at where Liverpool were a year ago. AFter Roy's last game, LFC were 12th in the EPL. After Kenny took over, LFC ended up at 6th. If you looked at the season form for the 2nd half, LFC were accumulating enough pts for 3rd/4th.

A lot has changed in one year, he has worked the squad really well and the academy is even stronger under him. He hasn't even finished a full season yet and people are saying he should back down. Fergie was given so many years to build the Utd squad that he has right now, Kenny needs the time and transfer windows to get back up there. A lot of damage was done by our old owners, and it's going to take a while for the club to recover