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Premier League: Why Don't We See More Clubs Sign American Players?

BR - For years, the goal of many footballers has been to move to a Premier League side. To these players, a move to England is the pinnacle of their football career.

These players go to these clubs knowing that they could one day join a rich club such as a Manchester United or Liverpool and become global stars, or could become huge stars with a smaller club and remain there for the remainder of their careers.

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kulka3960d ago

top teams don't sign them because their are not good enough...

Infernostew3960d ago

Pretty much says it all there. Dempsey, Howard and Freidel are best players America has to offer and they work well for their respected mid-table clubs but you won't see any of these guys breaking into the top clubs. I mean, Howard actually did play for United and it didn't work out but American players just aren't up to caliber of other European and African options.

kane_lfc3960d ago

Donovan is also good...

Infernostew3960d ago

Donovan's still unproven in Europe, even though he had quite a successful first loan at Everton a few years back. But to be spoken along with Dempsey, Howard and Freidel then he has to make a prolonged stint in the premier league and not just rule all the scrubs in the MLS.

Anderson83960d ago

i wouldnt say donovan is unproven he played well at bayern munich for a while and has also done well at everton