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Barçelona vs. Real Madrid: 5 Reasons El Clásico Has Become Must-Watch Football

BR - The Copa del Rey gave us yet another set of matches to be played between Barçelona and Real Madrid.

The two best teams in Spain have already played their first leg of the quarterfinals. It took place at Madrid's home, El Bernabéu, in which Carles Puyol and Eric Abidal looked like forwards and scored the two goals for Barça while Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Madrid.

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Anderson83901d ago

i would disagree if anything its become less watchable its not realy about the footballl like it was a few yrs ago it all about theatrics, diving and who can get the other player sent off quicker.

yezz3901d ago

yep, its less watchable now unfortunately :S i remember games like 2007, 3-3 and messi scored a hatrick. it was the day when the messi we know was born :P amazing match!

Nes_Daze3901d ago

The bad sportsmanship mostly comes directly from Madrid. Then 1 or 2 Barca players dive, and then the whole team is called divers. Maybe if La Liga was more strict about fouls then El Classico could be a cleaner match every time.