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Highlights: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United (English Premier League - 22/01/12)

0-1 Valencia 45'
1-1 Van Persie 71'
1-2 Wellbeck 91'

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buddymagoo4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

If only Balotteli would have been sent of for that stamp on Parker. United played well today, hope Nani is fine.

We might have picked up a few injuries today. Hope not though! Has Arshavin got a clause in his contract that means he has to play a certain amount of games and if he doesn't he gets a bonus. Because that would be the only reason why I believe Wenger would play him.


I think the Arsenal fans who booed Arshavin coming on should be ashamed of themselves. I'm no expert but when a player gets booed by his own fans, that's going to shatter alot of confidence from him and it clearly showed in his perfomance on the field.

KonohagakureFC4026d ago

I think they were more upset that Wenger was taking Chaimberlain off


Yeah I agree it was a poor decision from Wenger but still... for all we know Chamberlain could have picked up a knock. I guess we'll wait to see what Wenger's explanation is.

Anderson84026d ago

they have every right to boo him.. they pay to see him and he hasnt put in a gd performance all season.. also he came on for their best player at the time

it was a poor decision from wenger

Yi-Long4025d ago

... cause he's been extremely mediocre ever since he arrived at the club.

I'd rather see Wenger field players like Miyaichi and Chaimberlain, cause I feel they're already better than Arshavin, and they need all the experience on the pitch they can get.

NewMonday4025d ago

Arsenal got man-handled by MU like usual. cant believe this used to be a big rivalry.

buddymagoo4025d ago

To be fair to Wenger it is a lose/lose situation. He plays the youngsters people say he needs to buy experience. He buys experience with the limited funding they have and people say play the youngsters. I'm a big fan of Wenger but maybe it is time for a change at Arsenal.

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Nes_Daze4026d ago

The ref would've had to be in a better position to determine if Balotteli deserved a red. Second, it didn't seem deliberate to me, might've been but there's obviously room for speculation.


Really? You don't think this

looked deliberate?

buddymagoo4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

In the SkySports end game analysis they showed it was deliberate and that the ref saw it. Everyone agreed. What more do you want???

Thanks you Cyber for anyone who would have not seen it. Proving Gloomey is wearing blue tinted goggles!

Anderson84026d ago

he kicked out at him.. it was deliberate

neoragex4026d ago

Jesus there are some blind twits in here, Balotelli isn't even looking.

"SkySports end game analysis they showed it was deliberate and that the ref saw it. Everyone agreed."


"ref saw it."


buddymagoo4026d ago

You would say that, you only troll United articles. Anyone can see that if they just look at your comment history. You want to get a life.

RedDevils4025d ago

Lol do you even have any logic to say he didn't intended, sorry but you sound like a 10 years old who don't know what they're talking about especially with the mighty CAP LOCK

KingPin4025d ago

"Jesus there are some blind twits in here, Balotelli isn't even looking."

Really dude? so by your standards, he has to be looking at the task at hand in order for it to be intentional.

so i guess when ronaldinho, messi, CR7 etc all make passes without looking they didnt mean to and their legs just knocked the ball out from under their feet without them knowing.

way to troll bro. who are you to tell skyports their opinion is wrong because it concurs with everyone elses.

ProjectVulcan4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

United did play well. RVP got his customary goal but in truth the scoreline doesn't tell the story of the game. Arsenal had a few decent spells in the second half but for long long periods of the first half and too long of the second they were under the cosh and didn't get much together. They didn't look like the home side.

Countless time United got in behind them, in the first half it was cutting inside from the wings, in the second half Welbeck got in several times only to waste the pass with a poor touch or falling over.

It was a fair result.

Arsenal put up the best fight they could with their sideback problems, but United have a load of injuries too. Story of Arsenal's season really, just not quite in the fight.

sokrates4026d ago

He was lucky. Luck won't last for a whole season. Next time his off, and in the end United wins the title:)

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zeddy4026d ago

good win in the end, i thought it was going to be a repeat of that fa cup final were we dominated them but squandered loads of chances and lost. i was delighted when wenger took of chamberlain and bought on arshavin though, probably won us the game.

KonohagakureFC4026d ago

We need our fullbacks back, both goals coming in from the wings proves it

Nes_Daze4026d ago

VP missed a clear shot at an earlier tie, and then some. Could've been a closer game but I think United outplayed them.

kane_lfc4026d ago

Suppose it could be worse...I could be an Arsenal fan...


It is worse, you're a Liverpool fan.

kane_lfc4026d ago

Meh....AFC couldnt win the carling cup and it looks like they will go down hill from here...atleast we have the funding and a decent ambitious owner...

Are netspend under Kenny is only £38mil.

I reckon we could win the FA cup this season.

neoragex4026d ago

Haha.. coming from a manU fan

dcortz20274025d ago


The last time I checked, Manchester United was only three points behind table leader Manchester City.. so?

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