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Highlights: Real Madrid 4-1 Athletic Bilbao (Spanish Primera Division - 22/01/12)

0-1 F. Llorente 13'
1-1 Marcelo 25'
2-1 C. Ronaldo 47'(pen)
3-1 C. Ronaldo 67'(pen)
4-1 J.M. Callejón 85'

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krazykombatant3907d ago

Good second half. Now to try and prepare for barca on wednesday!

Corepred43907d ago

We play them again!? Man, too much of a good thing! Mourinho better get his grumpy head out of his ass and put the right players and tactics in! None of this defensive hope we can kick it over their heads and score long ball bullsh*t!

krazykombatant3907d ago

Yeah man, second leg of Copa Del Rey is on Wednesday night/day depending where you live.

Can't agree any more with you. We need to be aggressive and keep it up the whole game. We can't just park the bus like they did last match. I think having Ozil or kaka in mid will help. And even though I don't like how he acted last week. Pepe is essential for stoping some barca plays.

Hopefully the team shows up.

kulka3907d ago

Real can't afford to defend against Barca they need two goals at least..

buddymagoo3907d ago

How can Madrid fans moan about Ronaldo. Could the man do anything more?

Corepred43907d ago

Don't know what you're talking about. No one in here is moaning about Ronaldo.

buddymagoo3906d ago

Not here but the constant boos and whistles from the fans.