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Former Barcelona defender Juliano Belletti: Ronaldinho was better than Lionel Messi

The retired full-back believes that his compatriot outclassed the diminutive Argentine and says his Blaugrana squad topped that of Guardiola's current winning side.

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buddymagoo3906d ago

Ronaldinho was an excellent player and probably more of a showman but Messi works harder and that benefits the team more.

FlashXIII3905d ago

How can anyone disagree with this? It's 100% fact. Ronaldinho was a lazy bastard. He was a fantastic showman and could do things with the ball that Messi can only dream of but his workrate and dedication to being a model professional are both extremely questionable.

bluegoblin3905d ago

a lazy bastard that could run circles around messi at his prime jajaja
The short term memory of some people is astonishing. Ronaldinho carried a team that was much less than what barcelona is right now, and still won the champions league with them.

Anderson83905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

you guys are thinking of ronaldinho now.. in his prime around 03-07 he was unplayable and worked as hard as any1 else in the team.. and is the reason barca become a force in football again

he's proven in more leagues and on the international stage... best player of recent times imo

ad4mb3906d ago

imo Ronaldinho is the best player of our generation and one of the few that played the game with a smile on his face.

Corepred43906d ago

I'll agree with that. It was always fun to watch what he'd do next. And the man was constantly smiling which was always nice.

Nes_Daze3905d ago

Hmm hard to say which is better since they both are such awesome players.

dcortz20273905d ago

I would have to agree with him. Ronaldinho has proven himself everywhere, Messi hasn't. Ronaldinho in his prime surpassed Messi.

bluegoblin3905d ago

Thank you.
He was better at everything ( aside from dribbling which would be a close call) but vision, touch, creativity all of those things ronaldinho was miles ahead of messi.Also if you compare the team ronaldinho had when they won the champions league... yeah not quite the same quality they have right now. Ronaldinho was much more skilled and creative than messi.

bluegoblin3905d ago

Of course ronaldinho was better than messi. If you disagree then you know nothing of football.
Ronaldinho had much better vision, better touch, inifinitely more creativity much more skill etc etc etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.